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50 Useful Life Hacks That Funny to Try

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Sometimes, life can get a little too serious. That's where these funny life hacks come in. Not only are they practical and useful, but they're also a little bit silly and can add some humor to your day.

These 50 life hacks will make you laugh and make your life a little easier.

1. Tips to Be Awesome: Visit!

Life Hacks: - Here's how you amaze yourself: Go to! They will tell you the truth.

2. Cut watermelon without a knife

Life Hacks: - No knife to cut a watermelon? Take a quarter, make a tiny incision and karate chop in half.

3. Change Your Life with Cash Vending Machines

Life Hacks: - Looking for a change? Put a note in a cash vending machine and hit the coin return button without ordering anything.

4. Keep Your Dog From Running Away: Pretend You're Hurt

Life Hacks: - Having a hard time keeping your dog from running away when you go out? Pretend you're hurt and lie down. They'll always come back to see if you're okay

5. Park Legally: Life Hack Tips

Life Hacks: - If you want to park somewhere it is not allowed, just keep an envelope from a parking ticket under your windshield wipers.

6. Stop Interruptions: Wear Headphones

Life Hacks: - Wear headphones even if you're not listening to music to stop people interrupting you.

7. Prank Friends with Frozen Mentos Time Bombs.

Life Hacks: - Prank your friends by freezing Mentos in ice cubes. Serve them time bomb sodas!

8. Ignore Calls with Custom Ringtones

Life Hacks: - Put your favourite songs as custom ringtones for people you don't like. This way you can enjoy the song while ignoring their calls.

9. Life Hacks: Say 'Amen' for Success

Life Hacks: - If you're caught sleeping in the school or on the job, you can just raise your head slowly and say in Jesus' name, Amen

10. Respect Parents: School Without Google!

Life Hacks: - Respect your parents - they passed school without Google!

11. Boost Brainpower: Play Tetris!

Life Hacks: - Want to increase your brainpower? Playing Tetris helps to do so significantly.

12. What to do if no food in the fridge?

Life Hacks: - No food in the fridge? Drink the biggest glass of water you can find and you'll be too full to want food.

13. Two rules for success

Life Hacks: - Success has two rules: 1) Never reveal everything you know. 2) ..

14. Reuse Cassette Tapes: The Perfect Stand for Your Phone

Life Hacks: - Use old cassette tapes as a perfect stand for your phone.

15. Get Flat Tire? Take a Picture!

Life Hacks: - Got a flat tire? Take a picture of it on your phone. For future reference you can text that picture to people as a great excuse if you don't want to go somewhere!

16. Life Hack: Avoid 'Heck' & Use 'Hell'

Life Hacks: - The next time you think heck is a clean alternative to hell, know that it was originally a combination of 'hell' and 'fuck'.

17. 5 Life Hacks to Reduce Brain Tumor Risk

Life Hacks: - According to research, listening to music frequently will reduce the risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.

18. How to let cops know when kidnapped

Life Hacks: - If you unfortunately gets kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk, disconnect the backlight wires to attract a cop's attention.

19. 5 Reasons Why You Can't Trust Someone

Life Hacks: - You can never trust a person after the moment you start to question the level of trust between the people involved.

20. DIY Campfire Starters with Lint

Life Hacks: - Simple DIY campfire starters: Stuff empty toilet rolls with lint from your dryer.

21. How to keep your valuable stuffs on the beach

Life Hacks: - When you are tired of getting your stuffs stolen at the beach, take a clean diaper, put all your valuables things inside and roll it up!

22. Farting for Health: Benefits of High Blood Pressure Reduction

Life Hacks: - According to studies, farting actually helps to reduce high blood pressure and is very beneficial for your health.

23. 14,600 Improved Lives in 40 Years: Life Hacks to Make It Happen

Life Hacks: - If you improve one person's mood every day you would have improved 14,600 peoples lives in 40 years.

24. How to get a fake tattoo

Life Hacks: - Want to get a fake tattoo that would last for a month?
Draw your tattoo with a sharpie. Rub baby powder on it. Cover it in hairspray.

25. Keep Sand Away: The Beach Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Bring a fitted sheet next time you go to the beach to keep sand away from your area.

26. DIY Light Switch Hack: Put a Magnet Behind It!

Life Hacks: - Put a magnet behind your light switch for an awesome DIY!

27. Killing Weeds with White Vinegar: A Long-Lasting Solution

Life Hacks: - The most effective way to kill weeds and make them stay dead for a long time is by using white vinegar straight from the bottle.

28. Becoming a good liar

Life Hacks: - The first step in becoming a good liar is to convince everyone that you are a bad one.

29. How to Beat Boredom: The Apple Test

Life Hacks: - Can't decide if you're hungry? Ask yourself if you want an apple. If your answer is no, then you're probably bored.

30. How to Deodorize Sneakers: Quick and Easy Tips

Life Hacks: - Smelly sneakers? Put them in Ziploc bags and freeze them.

31. Life Hack: Get a Human at Apple Support

Life Hacks: - If you swear at Apple's automated customer service, it puts you through to a human.

32. Fix Stuck Zippers Easily with a Pencil

Life Hacks: - Rubbing a graphite pencil against a stuck zipper is the most effective way to make it work again.

33. Boost Immunity and Lower Blood Pressure with Singing in the Shower

Life Hacks: - Studies show lower blood pressure, an immunity boost and reduced stress can all be achieved by singing in the shower.

34. Life Hack: The Best Way to Fake Sick

Life Hacks: - The best way to sound sick while calling in to work is while lying on your back with your head over the edge of your bed.

35. Unlock the Right Answer: Post a Wrong Solution

Life Hacks: - You're more likely to get the right answer on the internet if you happen to post a wrong solution for it rather than the question itself.

36. Stand Out: The Fake Job Ad Trick

Life Hacks: - Do you want your application to stand out from the crowd? Post a fake job ad on Craigslist for the position you're interested in. Review your competitors and make your resume stand out!

37. Increase Font Size: A Life Hack to Make Your Essay Longer

Life Hacks: - You could easily make your essay look longer by hitting CTRL+F and changing the size of the periods from 12 to 14.

38. Get Open Office Free: More Features Than Microsoft Word

Life Hacks: - If you can't afford Microsoft Word, get Open Office instead as it has more features and is also free.

39. Glow-in-the-Dark Nails Perfect for Clubs & Concerts

Life Hacks: - Break a glow stick in half and put it in a bottle of clear nail polish to get glow-in-the-dark nails perfect for concerts and clubs.

40. Glow in the Dark Pathway: Illuminate Your Way Home!

Life Hacks: - Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint that charges during the day and lights the way to your house in the evening!

41. Great recipe for dinner

Life Hacks: - Clueless about what to make for dinner? On Allrecipes, you can get random profane dinner suggestions along with links to the complete recipe.

42. Refresh Summer with a Floating Pool Cooler

Life Hacks: - The Floating Pool Cooler: Cut a pool noodle and tie a rope through it fasten It around the edge of a Rubbermaid container and fill with ice and drinks.

43. Transform Your Laptop into a Home Theater

Life Hacks: - Create a home theatre effect on your laptop by cutting a plastic cup in half and placing them over your speaker to amplify the sound.

44. Have a Colorful Water Fight This Summer!

Life Hacks: - Bored this summer? Fill some water guns with Water-Colour paints and have a fight while wearing all white clothing.

45. Make Monster Spray: Fight Bedtime Fears!

Life Hacks: - Kids scared of monsters at night? Next time make your own Monster Spray by wrapping a DIY label around an air freshener and use it around the room to get rid of monsters everywhere!

46. Create The Coolest Lantern Ever

Life Hacks: - Make the coolest lantern ever by pouring water into a mason jar and adding glow sticks to it.

47. Exchange unused items without a receipt

Life Hacks: - If you ever want to exchange an unused item but don't have the receipt, tell them that you received it as a gift without a receipt.

48. A laundry bag made by yourself

Life Hacks: - Use an embroidery loop and pillowcase for a cool DIY Laundry bag.

49. Create Creepy Alien Snowmen!

Life Hacks: - Scare your neighbors by making these creepy alien snowmen! Make mounds of snow and stick glow sticks in the eye holes.

50. Look like a computer hacker

Life Hacks: - will make you look like a computer hacker from the movies when you hit random keys.

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