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50 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

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Are you always looking for ways to simplify your life? Do you want to be more productive, save time and money, and just make things easier? If so, you're in the right place.

In this article, we'll share 50 incredible life hacks that will make your life so much easier. From simple hacks for everyday tasks to creative ideas for improvement, these tips will help you streamline your life and make the most of your time. So, let's dive in!

1. Spot Your Luggage Easily!

Life Hacks - Find it difficult to spot your luggage every single time? Tie a small piece of bright coloured fabric to your luggage. You will be able to spot your bag in no time at the airport.

2. 5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo

Life Hacks - Before you get a tattoo, think of what you would have gotten five years ago.

3. Maximize Productivity: Capture Business Cards

Life Hacks - Can't handle all the business cards people hand to you? Take a picture of them in case you lose it

4. Cats Love Boxes: Life Hacking Tip

Life Hacks - If your cat loves to sit in front of the computer flip the top of a box upside down and set it to the side. Boxes are like magnets for cats

5. How to have a new balloon at Disneyland

Life Hacks - At Disneyland, you can ask any casting member for a new balloon if you pop one. They 'll give you a new balloon for free!

6. Reform a Ping Pong Ball with Hot Water!

Life Hacks - Dent in a ping pong ball? Submerge the bag in hot water for 20 seconds and watch the ball reform shape! This happens because the gases inside expand due the heat.

7. Drive Topless Over 50 mph: Life Hack

Life Hacks - If you're driving over 50 mph in a convertible, you can theoretically put the top down and no water will get in the car.

8. How to pack not to be completely lost

Life Hacks - Always pack your clothing in different suitcases while traveling with a group of friend. If a suitcase gets lost or is stolen, your belongings will not completely lost.

9. 3-Star Reviews: Honest Pros & Cons

Life Hacks - Read the reviews that give products 3 stars when buying something online. They're usually the most honest about pros & cons.

10. Stop Hating Your Alarm: Classical Conditioning

Life Hacks - Heard of something called classical conditioning? Never use your favourite song as your alarm. You will end up hating it.

11. How to Create a Professional Email Address for Job Applications

Life Hacks - Applying for a job? Maintain a professional sounding email address. Nothing will turn off an employer faster than

12. Tips for Identifying an Overworked Waiter

Life Hacks - Know the difference between a waiter who sucks at their job and an overworked waiter who is trying their best, before tipping them.

13. Beat Traffic Jams: How to Use Truck Lanes

Life Hacks - Next time you're stuck in a traffic jam, utilize the lanes used by large trucks as they usually avoid the busier lanes.

14. Easy Cleanup: Painting with Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks - When painting your house, covering the paint trays in aluminum foil makes the process of cleaning up a lot easier.

15. Tips for Shopping Shoes: Shop Later in the Day!

Life Hacks - Never go shoe shopping in the morning! Your feet maybe 5 to 10% larger at the end of the day than in the morning.

16. Stop Slipping: Stick Your Cutting Board with a Wet Towel!

Life Hacks - Tired of your cutting board slipping and sliding around? Lay a wet paper towel under it so the suction grip will keep it in place.

17. Swimsuit Shopping Tips: Get the Perfect Fit

Life Hacks - Planning to buy a swimsuit? Buy bottoms that are a bit tighter around the bum since the fabric will stretch 1/2 size bigger in water.

18. Online Dating Safety Tips: Check Images Before Meeting!

Life Hacks - Be safe when it comes to online dating: Drag dating profile images into Google Images to see if they used the same picture on Facebook or Twitter and also if they even used an image of themselves!

19. Buy Girl Scout Cookies Year-Round!

Life Hacks - You can buy girl scout cookies all year round as they're just repackaged and sold under a different name.

20. Securely Shipping Fragile Items: Tips and Tricks

Life Hacks - When shipping a fragile item the best way to pack it is to act as if people will be trying to break it.

21. Reignite Candles with Smoke

Life Hacks - When you blow out candles and they smoke, that smoke is actually wax. If you light the smoke quick enough it will spark the candle back up.

22. Save Your Pets: Go Vegetarian!

Life Hacks - Don't buy meat eating pets if you're a vegetarian. Trying to make your pets vegetarian can kill them.

23. Say Goodbye Comfortably: House Calls for Animal Euthanasia

Life Hacks - If you have to put a loved animal to sleep, find a vet who will make a house call. The animal's last hour won't be spent in a place it hates.

24. Stop Chafing! Deodorant to the Rescue!

Life Hacks - Are bare thighs rubbing against each other irritating you? Rub deodorant to avoid that when you wear shorts!

25. Protect Wrapping Paper with Toilet Paper Rolls!

Life Hacks - Cut open the cardboard roll at the end of a toilet paper, and use it as a cuff to protect your wrapping paper from unrolling.

26. Throwing a Frisbee - The Perfect Throw Every Time!

Life Hacks - To ensure a straight throw every time you throw a frisbee, use the same arm motion as if you were whipping a towel.

27. Wish your friend happy anniversary annually

Life Hacks - Set your friends' wedding dates as a recurring event in your calendar, so you can wish them a happy anniversary every year.

28. Don't Ruin Your Reputation - Life Hacks to Avoid Lateness

Life Hacks - Don't want to ruin your reputation in just a few seconds at office? Avoid walking in with Starbucks when you're going to call and say you're running late

29. Don't Risk Arrest: What You Need to Know About WiFi Theft

Life Hacks - Why steal others open WiFi? You could be arrested for doing so without permission. Read further in the link.

30. Don't Put Your Feet on the Dash: Why It Can Break Both Legs

Life Hacks - Don't put your feet up on a car's dashboard. Airbags go off like small bombs and it can easily break both of your legs

31. Be Considerate: How to Stop Being Late

Life Hacks - If your friends always tease you about being late, they are lightly saying that its annoying the group and you need to be more considerate.

32. The Final Seconds: Never Leave a Sports Game Early!

Life Hacks - Never leave a sports game early, history is always made in the final seconds!

33. Make Change Through Protest, Not Social Media

Life Hacks - If you want to bring a change in the government, protesting or calling petitions is more effective than ranting about it on social media.

34. Get Early Access to Disneyland: How to Beat the Crowds!

Life Hacks - If you stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel and have a valid 3+ day ticket you can get into the park one hour before the general public.

35. Protect Car Doors and Walls with Pool Noodles

Life Hacks - Protect your car door and wall by using foam pool noodles in your garage.

36. Christmas Shopping: Keep a List on Your Phone

Life Hacks - Start your Christmas shopping now by keeping a list on your phone and updating it whenever you see or hear a good gift idea for someone.

37. Find Missing Pets: Simple Life Hack

Life Hacks - If you ever see a flyer of a missing pet, snap a photo of it so you'll be able to phone the owner if you come across the pet later.

38. Transform Your Bathroom into a Geography Classroom

Life Hacks - Have a tough time remembering geography and locations? Buy a world map shower curtain. You'll be a geography expert from all the time you spend in the bathroom!

39. Simple Trick to Stay On Track in the Morning

Life Hacks - Easy reminder trick to do something in the morning. Send yourself a text before you sleep at night, but don't open it.

40. Get a Disney Character Wake-Up Call!

Life Hacks - At Disney World, you can request a wake-up call from any Disney character!

41. Alternative to Flipping a Coin: Look at the Time

Life Hacks - Looking for an alternative to flipping a coin? Look at the time. If it the minute is odd, tails. If it is even, heads.

42. Packing for a trip and prevent lose things

Life Hacks - Packing for a trip and cannot afford to lose things? Always make TWO copies of your packing lists. Use the second one to make sure you bring everything back

43. High-Five Perfectly: Look at Elbows!

Life Hacks - Here's how you can avoid missing a high-five! Look at the person's elbow when doing it

44. Keep Your Pen's Cap: Life Hacks

Life Hacks - When lending someone your pen keep the cap. No one accidentally keeps a pen without the cap.

45. Return Lost Driver's License Easily

Life Hacks - Found an unknown driver's license? Put it in any mailbox as it is and the postal service will return it to the owner.

46. How to define a women pregnant or just have big waist

Life Hacks - If you want to know if a woman is just have big waist or pregnant, ask her if she has any kids. She'll tell you if another one is inside her.

47. How to look good in front of the camera

Life Hacks - Wearing yellow outfits in front of the camera makes you look fatter and wearing green makes you look thinner.

48. Keep Dogs Safe: Keep Chocolates Away!

Life Hacks - Dogs are precious right? Keep away chocolates from them! It directly affects their heart and nervous system

49. Best Hangman Words - Rhythm, Zephyr, Sphynx, Pigeon

Life Hacks - Best possible hangman words: Rhythm, zephyr and sphynx, pigeon

50. Create a Rainbow Effect with Colorful Fan Blades

Life Hacks - Rainbow fan: Color each fan blade a different color (red, green, blue, orange and yellow) for a cool rainbow like effect when it spins

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