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50 Amazing Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

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Life can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, it can also be a lot easier.

These 50 amazing life tips will help you simplify your life and make it more enjoyable.

1. Smile: The Key to Better Conversations

Life Hacks 1 in Life - Smile before answering the phone. It will make you sound happier and lead to a better conversation.

2. Smile for Better Mood: Try It!

Life Hacks 2 in Life - Here's why you should smile regardless of what the situation is! It immediately improves your mood. Using these muscles in enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain

3. Take Action: Responsible for How You Feel and Act

Life Hacks 3 in Life - You're not always responsible for how you feel but you're always responsible for how you act.

4. Life Hack: Assume Everything Works Out.

Life Hacks 4 in Life - If you address every challenge in life under the assumption that everything always works out in the end, it usually does.

5. Alcohol to remove stains from various surfaces

Life Hacks 5 in Life - Rubbing alcohol will remove pen marks & stains from a wide range of surfaces, not just clothes.

6. Beat Anger: Inhale, Exhale Double Time

Life Hacks 6 in Life - Angry? Each time you inhale, exhale twice that duration - this way your mouth will not be able to respond faster than your brain.

7. Maximize Conversations: The Power of Silence

Life Hacks 7 in Life - If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, if you stay silent and keep eye contact they will usually continue talking.

8. How to well treat someone working in your house

Life Hacks 8 in Life - If you interact with someone working on your home, like house-movers or pest controllers, always offer them a bottle of water or soda.

9. Thank You: The Humble Way to Accept a Compliment

Life Hacks 9 in Life - Someone just complimented you? Humblest way to accept a compliment is to say thank you and not tell the other person that they are wrong

10. Break Free from People, Money, and the Past

Life Hacks 10 in Life - Stop being controlled by three things: people, money, and your past.

11. Maximize Your Decision-Making: Improve Your Mood

Life Hacks 11 in Life - Whenever you make an important decision, always ensure you're at your best mood.

12. Transform Your Bad Day: Quick Life Hacks

Life Hacks 12 in Life - Bad day? Write down all your negative thoughts and toss them into the garbage

13. Cut Out Negative People: The Impact on Your Life

Life Hacks 13 in Life - Never hesitate to cut negative people out of your life. The people you spend time with influence your attitude and thoughts a lot more than you think.

14. How to not be lost in life

Life Hacks 14 in Life - Everyday ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

15. Escape the Control of People, Money & the Past

Life Hacks 15 in Life - Never let yourself be controlled by people, money or the past.

16. Social Life Without Social Media: Tips and Tricks

Life Hacks 16 in Life - You get a great social life when you hang out with people who make you forget about social media.

17. Desktop wallpaper

Life Hacks 17 in Life - Always make your desktop wallpaper something you want to learn instead of a picture. You will learn it in no time!

18. Catch a Cheater: Send Anonymous Flowers

Life Hacks 18 in Life - Check on your better half (spouse) by sending him/her flowers anonymously: If they come back home without them, they could be cheating on you.

19. Remember Dreams With Water: Life Hack

Life Hacks 19 in Life - Drinking half a glass of water before bed and half a glass when waking up can serve as a psychological cue for remembering all of your dreams.

20. Achieve Happiness: Walk Away

Life Hacks 20 in Life - Walk away from people who make you unhappy. Life is too short for maintaining unpleasant relationships.

21. Boost Life Expectancy with Positive People

Life Hacks 21 in Life - Your life expectancy increases when you surround yourself with positive people.

22. Believe in older people: right or wrong?

Life Hacks 22 in Life - Listening closely to the advice of older people is not because they're right. It is just because they have more experience being wrong.

23. Tips for Staying Focused and Finishing Tasks

Life Hacks 23 in Life - Mentally talking to yourself during tasks is a good way to keep yourself focused and finish it later.

24. Experience Life More: Spend Money Wisely

Life Hacks 24 in Life - Do not spend money on materialistic things, spend money on experiences. You will enjoy life a lot more!

25. Stop Comparing: Embrace Your Behind-the-Scenes Life

Life Hacks 25 in Life - The next time you compare yourself to others, remember that you're comparing their highlight reel to your behind the scenes.

26. Lighting Fires with Joke Candles

Life Hacks 26 in Life - While lighting fires during camping, use joke candles (the ones that can't get blown out). The wind won't affect the flame.

27. Stress Less: 5 Year Rule

Life Hacks 27 in Life - When stressed, pause and consider if you'll recall this in five years. If not, sleep it off and let things resolve on their own.

28. The Parenting Struggle: Vomiting and Beyond

Life Hacks 28 in Life - Mad at your parents? Good time to remind yourself that you vomited on them multiple times and they still kept you.

29. Start Your Day with Positive Thoughts!

Life Hacks 29 in Life - Looking forward to having a good day? Start your day by having positive thoughts!

30. Master Your Day with the 'Swallow the Frog' Effect

Life Hacks 30 in Life - According to 'Swallow The Frog' effect doing the task you're looking forward to the least first, makes the rest of your day easier and brighter.

31. Worrying is like a rocking chair

Life Hacks 31 in Life - Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

32. How to get bring clarity to your mental

Life Hacks 32 in Life - Wish to get bring clarity to your mental aspects? Cleaning your home and doing physical exercise helps clear up your mind.

33. Eliminate Negativity for Success

Life Hacks 33 in Life - Remove negative people from your life. The people you spend time with influence your attitude, thoughts and success more than you think.

34. Do something instead of killing time

Life Hacks 34 in Life - Do something instead of killing time because time is killing you.

35. Jump Over Cars: A Life Hack

Life Hacks 35 in Life - If you're about to get hit by a car and can't jump sideways, jump UP! It'll give you a better chance of rolling over the car.

36. Planning a gift for friend

Life Hacks 36 in Life - Planning a gift for your friend? Don't buy your friends gifts based on their hobby unless it's your hobby too.

37. Boost Your Social Presence with Positive Thinking!

Life Hacks 37 in Life - Like someone's post on a social network to make them automatically associate you with positive thoughts!

38. How tea bags save your shoes

Life Hacks 38 in Life - Shoes or gym bags have bad smell? Put dry tea bags inside them and they will absorb the unpleasant odors.

39. Smell Your Breath: Life Hack

Life Hacks 39 in Life - One way to check what your breath smells like to others is to lick your wrist and smell it after 10 seconds

40. How to reciprocate your friends

Life Hacks 40 in Life - What are best ways to reciprocate your friends? Take notes what they do for you when you're sick. It's probably the same things that comfort them the most when they don't feel well.

41. Brighten Someone's Day with Kind Words

Life Hacks 41 in Life - It takes one nice comment to brighten someone's day and one mean comment to push them over the edge. Think twice before you speak.

42. Take Pride in All of Your Work

Life Hacks 42 in Life - Always take pride in your work no matter what you do.

43. Lease Success: Rent Due Every Day

Life Hacks 43 in Life - Success isn't owned it's leased. And rent is due every day. - J.J. Watt

44. Live Meaningfully: Never Get the Same Moment Twice

Life Hacks 44 in Life - Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice.

45. Get to a hospital when

Life Hacks 45 in Life - If your vomit ever looks like coffee grounds get to a hospital immediately as it is an indication of internal bleeding.

46. Touch someone to increase chances

Life Hacks 46 in Life - Touching someone's shoulder or arm while asking them out has been proven to increase their chances of saying yes.

47. How to become rich

Life Hacks 47 in Life - The only two ways to become rich are to have all you want or be satisfied with what you have.

48. Secrets of Saying Goodbye: Lending $100

Life Hacks 48 in Life - Can't stand someone? Lend them $100. Chances are you'll never see them again.

49. Leave Better Kids for Our Planet

Life Hacks 49 in Life - Everyone talks about leaving the planet a better place for our kids. We should also leave better kids for our planet.

50. Success comes to the one who acts first

Life Hacks 50 in Life - Don't delay acting upon a good idea. Successful man is the one acting first.

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