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50 Amazing Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

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Life can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, it can also be a lot easier.

These 50 amazing life tips will help you simplify your life and make it more enjoyable.

1. Planning a gift for friend

Life Hacks - Planning a gift for your friend? Don't buy your friends gifts based on their hobby unless it's your hobby too.

2. Start with the best first conversation

Life Hacks - Want to start with the best first conversation? Ask them what they like to do rather than what they do. It will get them excited and spark conversation.

3. 7 Life Hacks to Get Through Frustrating Moments

Life Hacks - When you get an email or text that infuriates you wait about an hour to respond. You'll be surprised at how much more rational you become.

4. Jump Over Cars: A Life Hack

Life Hacks - If you're about to get hit by a car and can't jump sideways, jump UP! It'll give you a better chance of rolling over the car.

5. Alcohol to remove stains from various surfaces

Life Hacks - Rubbing alcohol will remove pen marks & stains from a wide range of surfaces, not just clothes.

6. Escape Crocodile Jaws: Thumb Tactics

Life Hacks - If you're ever stuck under crocodile's jaws: Push your thumbs in its eyeballs and it will let you go instantly

7. Smile for Better Mood: Try It!

Life Hacks - Here's why you should smile regardless of what the situation is! It immediately improves your mood. Using these muscles in enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain

8. Be On Time: 10 Minutes Early Makes a Difference

Life Hacks - Schedule for life: always be ten minutes early to everything! Once it becomes a habit, you'll never be late to anything again

9. Make the Most of Grandparents' Time

Life Hacks - Make the best of it when your grandparents are alive. Don't blow them off consistently or you'll regret the time not spent with them when they are no more

10. 7 Steps to Overcome Life's Challenges

Life Hacks - If everything's going against your way, you're probably in the wrong lane.

11. The Power of Eye Contact: Take People Seriously

Life Hacks - Always establish eye contact with every individual you meet as it is one of the best ways for people to take you seriously.

12. How to grab attention during a conversation

Life Hacks - If you want to grab someone's attention during a conversation, start with "l shouldn't be telling you this but..."

13. Maximize Your Decision-Making: Improve Your Mood

Life Hacks - Whenever you make an important decision, always ensure you're at your best mood.

14. How to sound wholehearted when saying sorry

Life Hacks - When apologizing someone, replace the word by a pause. It allows you to explain yourself while still sounding wholehearted

15. How to well treat someone working in your house

Life Hacks - If you interact with someone working on your home, like house-movers or pest controllers, always offer them a bottle of water or soda.

16. To get rid of anxiety

Life Hacks - Activities to get rid of anxiety:
Try an alternative healing practitioner.Spend time with people.Have a routine.Never avoid doing things.Practice affirmations.

17. High-five someone

Life Hacks - If you look at someone's elbow when you High-Five, you will never miss.

18. Realize What You Want with a Coin Flip

Life Hacks - When you flip a coin, it won't decide for you, but you will realize what you really want when it is in the air.

19. Lighting Fires with Joke Candles

Life Hacks - While lighting fires during camping, use joke candles (the ones that can't get blown out). The wind won't affect the flame.

20. Be Prepared: Life Hack to Escape Kidnapping

Life Hacks - If you are ever kidnapped and they put a tape over your mouth and tie your hands, lick the tape until it falls off.

21. Verify Phone Numbers: Life Hack

Life Hacks - Suspect someone's giving you the wrong phone number? Read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct you it's legit.

22. Avoid Calvin Klein Obsession in Woods!

Life Hacks - Never walk into the woods wearing the Calvin Klein Obsession scent. It attracts cheetahs, tigers, and jaguars!

23. Embarrassed? Buy a Birthday Card!

Life Hacks - If you're buying something that you are embarrassed with, simply buy a birthday card with it.

24. Questions after a job interview

Life Hacks - When asked if you have any more questions after a job interview, ask the interviewer about how your typical work day/week/month would look like. That'll make them feel like you're already a part of the company.

25. Survive Airplane Crashes: Sit in Back

Life Hacks - You are more likely to survive an airplane crash sitting in the back of a plane than the front.

26. 10 Ways to Get Rich Without Money

Life Hacks - You aren't rich until you have something that money can't buy.

27. 7 Tips for Clearing Your Head & Falling Asleep Quickly.

Life Hacks - Thoughts keeping you from falling asleep? Write them all down to clear your head.

28. Be Efficient: Under Promise, Over Deliver

Life Hacks - You could become the most efficient if you under promise and over deliver. Most people tend to do the opposite.

29. Never Go to Bed Angry - Life Hack

Life Hacks - Never go to bed angry, you might never see them again.

30. Parenting Hack: Empower Your Kids with Choice

Life Hacks - Parenting Hack: Always give your kid a choice that makes them think they're in control. For instance, if you want your kid to put his shoes ask "Do you want to put your star wars shoes on or your shark shoes on?"

31. 8 Planets, 204 Countries, 1 Day: Life Hacks

Life Hacks - In a universe with 8 planets, 204 countries and 7 billion people, don't let one ruin your entire day.

32. Boost Your Mood: Surround Yourself with Happier People

Life Hacks - Happiness is contagious. You could become a happier person by surrounding yourself with happier people.

33. Maximize Productivity: Tackle the Worst Task First

Life Hacks - The hack to having a productive day lies in completing the most dreaded task first thing in the morning.

34. How to gain trust and respect at your 1st met

Life Hacks - When you meet someone for the very first time, calling them by their name helps to establish trust and respect more easily.

35. Desktop wallpaper

Life Hacks - Always make your desktop wallpaper something you want to learn instead of a picture. You will learn it in no time!

36. Tips for Staying Focused and Finishing Tasks

Life Hacks - Mentally talking to yourself during tasks is a good way to keep yourself focused and finish it later.

37. Save Yourself: Stop Choking with These Tips

Life Hacks - How to stop yourself from choking if none is around:
Place fist above navel while grasping fist with another hand. Lean over a chair or countertop and drive your fist towards yourself with an upward thrust.

38. Get Amazing Bar Service: Tip $20

Life Hacks - The best way to get an amazing service in a bar is to start by giving the bartender a 20$ tip.

39. Sleep Better by Thinking of the Past

Life Hacks - Shower thoughts: Thinking of the future is usually what keeps people up at night and thinking of the past can actually help you sleep!

40. Boost Pain Tolerance: Curse Your Way Out!

Life Hacks - Know what causes cursing to reduce pain? Cursing releases Enkephalin which raises your pain tolerance.

41. Catch a Cheater: Send Anonymous Flowers

Life Hacks - Check on your better half (spouse) by sending him/her flowers anonymously: If they come back home without them, they could be cheating on you.

42. Tips to Spot a Stalker: 4 Right Turns

Life Hacks - Check if someone is following you. Take four right turns and that forms a circle. If they're still behind, they must be following you

43. Positive People = Longer Life

Life Hacks - Surrounding yourself with positive people increases your life expectancy

44. The most important things in life

Life Hacks - The most important things in life aren't things.

45. Find What You're Looking for: Scan Right to Left

Life Hacks - Can't find what you're looking for? Scan the room from RIGHT to LEFT with your eyes. You'll pick up more since your brain isn't used to reading that way.

46. Experience Life More: Spend Money Wisely

Life Hacks - Do not spend money on materialistic things, spend money on experiences. You will enjoy life a lot more!

47. 5 Reasons News Can Make You Depressed

Life Hacks - Watching the news too much has been proven to depress you and give you an unrealistic view of the world.

48. Boost Life Expectancy with Positive People

Life Hacks - Your life expectancy increases when you surround yourself with positive people.

49. Unlock Your Future: 2 Famous People You've Met

Life Hacks - Think your life isn't any fun? Statistically, you've met two people who're going to be famous in the future.

50. 5 Parenting Tips for Raising Responsible Kids

Life Hacks - Have kids? Remember this: the tighter the leash, the farther the run when the leash breaks.

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