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50 Genius Life Hacks for Better Study Habits

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Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient, but it can also help us become smarter. With the right tools and hacks, we can optimize our devices, save time, and increase our productivity.

In this article, we'll take a look at 50 incredible tech hacks that can make you smarter.

1. 30 Seconds to Avoid Asking Teacher Questions

Life Hacks - With 30 seconds of class left, avoid asking the teacher questions. Many people are waiting to leave in time.

2. Proofreading your Essay Easily

Life Hacks - Have your essay proofread : Copy and paste it into Google translate and have them read it out to you. It'll be much easier to find errors this way.

3. Before taking an exam

Life Hacks - Before taking an exam, always try and sit as close to the professor as possible so you can pick up all the answers to questions other students come up to ask.

4. Cross out words

Life Hacks - When you want to cross out words you don't want to be legible, instead of scribbling over them, write random letters and words over the original.

5. Prepare for a big presentation

Life Hacks - If you're giving a big presentation, have a friend ask you a set question. This way you'll look like you know your stuff really well.

6. Scanning the barcode of any book

Life Hacks - If you scan the barcode of any book, the Easybib iPhone app will give you its bibliography.

7. Secure Your Office Supplies: Red Pens and Blue Ink

Life Hacks - Keep pen thieves away: Put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen, because no one steals a red pen!

8. Improve Your Life with This Simple Cat Hack

Life Hacks - If your cat loves to sit in front of your computer flip a box upside down and set it to the side so it could shift to the box instead.

9. 5 Ways to Improve Your Job Prospects with Networking

Life Hacks - Although a high GPA looks good on paper, networking and building friendships are what ultimately gets you a job.

10. Proofread Aloud: Catch Errors Your Eyes Miss

Life Hacks - While proofreading your work, read your work out aloud. Your mouth is more likely to catch the errors your eyes glance over.

11. Sell and buy second-hand textbooks

Life Hacks - The Powells is a blessing for college students as it lets them sell and buy second-hand textbooks for half the price.

12. Improve Grades with Lecturer-Published Journals

Life Hacks - Always write your assignments based on the journals published by your lecturer to improve your chances of getting good grades.

13. Ways to make an essay longer

Life Hacks - Four ways to make an essay longer:
Increase padding. Make the punctuation size 18pt. Make the title bigger. Add .5pt to the font size.

14. Keep in contact with friends after university

Life Hacks - One fun way to remind a friend you don’t talk to often that you still care is to do a little something for their birthday every year. This can vary from sending a long text (more than a simple, “Happy Birthday!”).

15. How to Get Teachers to Remember You During Grading

Life Hacks - Here's how you get your teachers to remember you while grading! In college, always sit in the front row

16. The Must-Have Account: Presentation Safety Tips

Life Hacks - Have a separate account on your laptop for presentations. This way embarrassing personal things don't show up when you open it up in class.

17. How to Harness Your Anger for an Outstanding Article

Life Hacks - If you are able to choose a topic for a paper pick one that infuriates you. You will be able to rant for hours and the pages will fly by.

18. Rent textbooks for one semester

Life Hacks - Can't afford to buy expensive textbooks just for one semester? You can rent them online at for a semester instead of buying them all at a bookstore.

19. 5 Tips for Using Your Professor's Ideologies to Write Essays

Life Hacks - Looking to write the best essays? Take notes on your professor's political ideologies and use them to your advantage.

20. Get Better Results With a Study Partner

Life Hacks - Get a study partner for your exams. Studies show that studying with a partner is more effective understanding difficult concepts and longer retention

21. Get Accurate Measurements with!

Life Hacks - Don't have a ruler? gives you an actual sized virtual ruler!

22. Remove distractions and focus on working/studying

Life Hacks - Remove distractions and focus on working/studying by using an app like StayFocusd that limits the time you use on specific websites.

23. Make Friends Easily in College: Leave Your Door Open!

Life Hacks - The easiest way to make friends in college is to always leave your dorm room open when you're in it.

24. Good tip to have free water when running in summer

Life Hacks - In the US, restaurants are legally required to give you free water. You know what to do when running under hot water and you are thirsty!

25. Pet Lovers Perform Better: Stress Relief with Puppies and Kittens

Life Hacks - Here's why you'll generally find pet lovers performing well! Playing with puppies and kittens relieves stress

26. Get Math Answers Online: Unlocking Solutions with Textbook Names

Life Hacks - Hunting for the answers to your mathematics problems? Get most of them online by typing in the name of the textbook and then answers

27. Counting word's letters in ' May I have a large container of coffee'

Life Hacks - By counting each word's letters in ' May I have a large container of coffee' you can remember the value of pi (3.1415926)

28. Pass Your Test: Study the First and Last 20%!

Life Hacks - Last minute cram for the test is the only option left to be able to pass? Study the first and last 20% of the syllabus!

29. 5 Ways Playing an Instrument Improves Your IQ

Life Hacks - Learn to play a musical instrument! Apart from being fun, it improves your IQ by as much as 5 points.

30. Tips to conquer a new language

Life Hacks - Learning a new language is always advantageous. Learn it to the fullest by translating a favourite book from your childhood.

31. Stay Up to Date with World News: March 2018

Life Hacks - Use Wikipedia to get all the major world news for the month - type [Month Year] into the search button. E.g.: March 2018

32. Improve Retention: Re-Read Notes in 24 Hours!

Life Hacks - Re-read your notes within one day of taking them. Retention rates are 60% higher then!

33. Boost IQ: Learn an Instrument!

Life Hacks - Learning an instrument can improve your IQ by 7 points!

34. Become an Expert: Use Simple English on Wikipedia

Life Hacks - Confused by the all the jargon in a Wikipedia article? Click on "Simple English" option at the bottom of the menu on the left.

35. Cut Internet Distractions

Life Hacks - If you happen to be easily distracted by the internet, especially during a task, Forest is an app that helps you focus.

36. Remember I.e. and e.g.

Life Hacks - e.g. = for example.i.e. = in other words.I.e. and e.g. are both Latin abbreviations. Remember that E (e.g) is first letters of "example".

37. How sitting on a medicine ball improves your focus

Life Hacks - Sitting on a medicine ball while doing work can increase your focus and concentration by 50%.

38. Solve Math Problems Easily: Textbook Solutions

Life Hacks - Has math got you muddled again? The answers to your assignments could be obtained if you type in the name of the textbook and then its solutions.

39. Writing Long Papers: Tips and Tricks

Life Hacks - The formula to write long papers follows a well-structured pattern. If you have an 8-page paper, you're supposed to write almost 16 paragraphs which include an introduction and conclusion along with 14 different ideas presented in each paragraph.

40. 5 Life Hacks to Ace a Job Interview

Life Hacks - Looking for words when you're stuck in a job interview? Silence is way better rather than other filler words.

41. How to focus on studying for the exams

Life Hacks - Always keep your phone out of reach while studying for exams. Hope your laziness outweighs your boredom.

42. Creating your own experiments on Chrome Experiments

Life Hacks - Chrome Experiments is a showcase of work by coders who are pushing the boundaries of web technology, creating beautiful, unique web experiences. You'll find helpful links throughout the site for creating your own experiments. Lego, song maker, shared piano, etc.

43. How to get your speech encoded in your brain

Life Hacks - If you are going to give a speech, read it thoroughly before falling asleep so it gets encoded in your brain as long-term memory.

44. Organize Notes with Table of Contents

Life Hacks - While taking notes in class leave a few pages in the front for a table of contents to make it easier to study from once you have a full notebook.

45. Improve Spelling With Weekly Password Changes

Life Hacks - Start changing your password every week to a difficult word to improve your spelling.

46. Find Your Dream Job: Update Your CV Regularly

Life Hacks - Looking for a job? Regularly re-upload your CV to job search sites so it becomes more likely for HR's to find it.

47. Build a Mini Library: Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Life Hacks - Want to build a miniature library? When your friends ask what you want for your birthday, just name your favorite books.

48. Unlock Your Memory: Use a Weird Font

Life Hacks - Want to remember things better when taking notes on the computer? Use a weird font. Studies have shown that the uniqueness does the job.

49. Working productivity improves by 50% when sitting on a stable ball

Life Hacks - Your concentrating and working productivity can be improved by 50% when sitting on a medicine ball compared to an office chair.

50. Boost Productivity: Try Hans Zimmer Pandora

Life Hacks - If you're up late doing homework listen to Hans Zimmer Pandora. Music has no distracting lyrics and the scores are intended to motivate.

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