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50 Genius Life Hacks for Better Study Habits

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Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient, but it can also help us become smarter. With the right tools and hacks, we can optimize our devices, save time, and increase our productivity.

In this article, we'll take a look at 50 incredible tech hacks that can make you smarter.

1. Boost Productivity: Take a Shower!

Life Hacks 1 in Study - Take a shower if you feel the need to get motivated. Your productivity is proven to increase by being clean.

2. Real college courses for free

Life Hacks 2 in Study - 5 places to take real college courses for free:
CourseraMIT Open CoursewareOpen Yale CoursesJohn Hopkins Open CoursesOxford Math Open Courseware

3. Watch thousands of documentaries

Life Hacks 3 in Study - Love watching documentaries? Watch thousands of documentaries for free on!

4. Taking hundreds of free online courses

Life Hacks 4 in Study - On you can take hundreds of free online courses on any topic from legit schools all around the world.

5. 10 Creative Life Hacks to Make Life Interesting

Life Hacks 5 in Study - Want to make your life more interesting? Whenever you are curious about something, write it down. Whenever you bored, you'll have an entire list of things to learn about!

6. Boost Memory: Take a Nap

Life Hacks 6 in Study - Improve the effective functioning of the brain! Take a quick nap after learning something new to solidify that memory

7. Write Papers Quickly: The Essay Typer Hack!

Life Hacks 7 in Study - A comic hack to write papers quickly! Open the website Enter any topic, for e.g. "American civil war", and it'll type it out immediately for you!

8. Unlock the Memory Power of Blue and Red Ink

Life Hacks 8 in Study - Writing something in blue/red ink makes it easier to memorize something compared to writing in black ink.

9. Working productivity improves by 50% when sitting on a stable ball

Life Hacks 9 in Study - Your concentrating and working productivity can be improved by 50% when sitting on a medicine ball compared to an office chair.

10. Free math problem solver

Life Hacks 10 in Study - is a free math problem solver that answers your algebra homework questions with step-by-step explanations.

11. Check the readability of your paper

Life Hacks 11 in Study - You could check the readability of your paper on where it will highlight sentences that are hard to read and give you an overall reading level for it.

12. Boost Energy with Life Hacks: Hold Your Breath

Life Hacks 12 in Study - Need to stay awake while pulling an all-nighter? Hold your breath for as long as you can and then breathe out slowly while moving around. This increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation.

13. Double Your Reading Speed with Chewing Gum

Life Hacks 13 in Study - Chewing gum while reading helps to double or even triple your reading speed cause it prevents distractions and gives your brain something to focus on.

14. A simple way to multiply large numbers quickly

Life Hacks 14 in Study - A simple way to multiply large numbers quickly:
Divide the even by 2 and multiply the other number by 2 until you get the simplest number possible.
For example: 32 x 125 = 16 x 250 = 8 x 500 = 4 x 1000 = 4000.

15. Boost Memory: Clench Your Fist!

Life Hacks 15 in Study - If you're struggling to remember a word clench your fist. This increases brain activity and improves memory making it easier for you to remember.

16. 7 Tips to Improve Your Handwriting

Life Hacks 16 in Study - You can make your handwriting neater by using a lighter grip.

17. The Pomodoro Technique Work

Life Hacks 17 in Study - The Pomodoro Technique is widely used to boost productivity.
It consists of working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. After doing this 4 times, take a longer 30-minute break.

18. Improve your reading speed and comprehension

Life Hacks 18 in Study - Use to improve your reading speed and comprehension.

19. How chocolate helps your study magically

Life Hacks 19 in Study - It is scientifically proven that eating chocolate while studying helps the brain retain new information and is linked to higher test scores.

20. Make Money Selling Old Books: BookScouter Tips

Life Hacks 20 in Study - Looking to score some extra cash for your old books? The BookScouter app lets you scan your barcodes and instantly offers you 20 prices from a bunch of different buyback companies.

21. Playing an Instrument Improves Your IQ

Life Hacks 21 in Study - Learn to play a musical instrument! Apart from being fun, it improves your IQ by as much as 5 points.

22. Increase memory capacity 7 times

Life Hacks 22 in Study - Writing something out is the memory equivalent of reading it seven times.

23. 10-Minute Breaks: The Secret to Retaining Information Effectively

Life Hacks 23 in Study - Studies show the most effective way to retain information while studying is to take breaks for 10 minutes after every 30-50 intervals of studying.

24. Unlock the Power of Google: Life Hack for Forgotten Words

Life Hacks 24 in Study - If you ever forget a particular word in a phrase, search the phrase on google and put an asterisk in place of the vacant spot.

25. Free piano course

Life Hacks 25 in Study - On you can take a step-by-step interactive piano course 100% for free.

26. Boost Memory: The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

Life Hacks 26 in Study - Research shows having plants in your office helps to recall more information as our brains benefit from exposure to nature.

27. Best time to study in a day

Life Hacks 27 in Study - The best time to study in a day:
4am ~ 6am - Brain Function: 100%6am ~ 7:30pm - Brain Function: 50% Night-time - Brain Function: 20%

28. Organize Notes with Table of Contents

Life Hacks 28 in Study - While taking notes in class leave a few pages in the front for a table of contents to make it easier to study from once you have a full notebook.

29. Be More Confident: 3-4 Minute Intro Tips

Life Hacks 29 in Study - Make up a 3-4 minute intro about yourself and memorize it to come off as more confident in a social situation.

30. Counting word's letters in ' May I have a large container of coffee'

Life Hacks 30 in Study - By counting each word's letters in ' May I have a large container of coffee' you can remember the value of pi (3.1415926)

31. Boost Productivity: Try Hans Zimmer Pandora

Life Hacks 31 in Study - If you're up late doing homework listen to Hans Zimmer Pandora. Music has no distracting lyrics and the scores are intended to motivate.

32. Colours that Improve Concentration & Productivity

Life Hacks 32 in Study - Blue: this encourages better mind flow and performance.Orange: this promotes better focus, concentration, and creativity.Green: this is among the most restful shades, as it offers the cheerful qualities of yellow and the refreshing abilities of blue.

33. Cut Internet Distractions

Life Hacks 33 in Study - If you happen to be easily distracted by the internet, especially during a task, Forest is an app that helps you focus.

34. Find Your Lost Phone Charger with Glow-in-the-Dark Tape!

Life Hacks 34 in Study - Does your phone get lost in the dark? Put a glow-in-the-dark tape on your charger and never lose it again!

35. Ways to make an essay longer

Life Hacks 35 in Study - Four ways to make an essay longer:
Increase padding. Make the punctuation size 18pt. Make the title bigger. Add .5pt to the font size.

36. Unlock Your Memory: Use a Weird Font

Life Hacks 36 in Study - Want to remember things better when taking notes on the computer? Use a weird font. Studies have shown that the uniqueness does the job.

37. School essays: To find more relevant information right away

Life Hacks 37 in Study - School essays: To find more relevant information right away, stop using to search information and use instead

38. Recharge Your Body: Benefits of a Morning Nap

Life Hacks 38 in Study - Take a 15-20 minute nap just before the sun comes up when you are pulling an all-nighter and your body will reset itself.

39. Unlock Meaning with Synonyms: Life Hack

Life Hacks 39 in Study - You are more likely to understand the meaning of a complex word by researching its synonyms instead of the definition.

40. Boost IQ: Learn an Instrument!

Life Hacks 40 in Study - Learning an instrument can improve your IQ by 7 points!

41. 5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

Life Hacks 41 in Study - Studies show playing a musical instrument or learning another language slows down the aging process of the human brain.

42. How to solve any math problems by app

Life Hacks 42 in Study - The PhotoMath app helps you to mitigate any math problems within minutes by simply pointing your camera at it.

43. Enormous benefits of yellow

Life Hacks 43 in Study - Studies show being surrounded by yellow helps you to stay more focused as it decreases the production of Melatonin hormone.

44. Save Money and Ace Exams: Try!

Life Hacks 44 in Study - is the perfect solution for a desperate student and an empty wallet as it helps students to sell study materials and notes online.

45. Blink your eyes rapidly if you can't sleep

Life Hacks 45 in Study - Next time when you can't sleep, just blink your eyes rapidly many times. Tired eyes will help you fall asleep quickly.

46. 10 Tips to Beat Word Count in Essays

Life Hacks 46 in Study - Can't make the word count on your essay? Add random words to the end of your paragraph and change the font color to white.

47. AI-based free writing tool

Life Hacks 47 in Study - Quillbot is an AI-based free writing tool that has several core functionalities.
ParaphraserGrammar CheckerPlagiarism CheckerCo-WriterSummarizerCitation Generator

48. Get Accurate Measurements with!

Life Hacks 48 in Study - Don't have a ruler? gives you an actual sized virtual ruler!

49. How talking with your mother help reduce stress

Life Hacks 49 in Study - According to recent research, talking to your mother has similar health benefits as a hug and has been proven to help reduce stress.

50. Improve Concentration and Focus with White Noise

Life Hacks 50 in Study - Need to focus better in a public setting? On you can play a selection of white noise that has been scientifically developed to increase your concentration and focus.

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