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50 Incredible Tech Hacks That Make You Smatter

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Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. We use it for communication, entertainment, work, and even for staying organized. However, with so much technology available, it can be overwhelming to know how to make the most of it. That's where tech life hacks come in.

In this article, we'll take a look at 50 tech life hacks you should know. These tips and tricks can help you optimize your devices, save time, and increase your productivity.

1. See the ISS from Home: Spot The Station Alerts

Life Hacks 1 in Technology - Sign up for Spot The Station Alerts at NASA. They will email or text you when the International Space Station is passing over your location!

2. Boost WiFi on Flights: Tips and Tricks

Life Hacks 2 in Technology - Sign up for the free 30 minute trial of on-board WiFi while flying. Delete cookies in the browser when trial ends. Start new trial.

3. Beat Buffering With Snake: Simple Life Hack

Life Hacks 3 in Technology - Video buffering on Youtube? Press the up arrow to start a game of snake!

4. Change phone lock screen and picker found you

Life Hacks 4 in Technology - Change the lock screen on your cell phone by a picture of your name and contact information, the picker can easily know how to get it back to you.

5. Secure Your Browsing: Check Site History with Safebrowsing

Life Hacks 5 in Technology - Before going to a suspicious site Google "safebrowsing: (website)" to see a 90-day history of malware attempts on its visitors.

6. How to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Newsletters

Life Hacks 6 in Technology - Search for 'unsubscribe' in your email inbox to find all the newsletters you never bothered to unsubscribe from.

7. How to Reset Your Computer Password in Safe Mode

Life Hacks 7 in Technology - Forgot your computer password? Boot up in safe mode (tap F2 or F12 during startup). Login as an administrator and then change your password

8. Find the Perfect Word with

Life Hacks 8 in Technology - Has a word got lost at the tip of your tongue? is a website that will help you find the word you're looking for when you can only think of a phrase to describe it.

9. Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

Life Hacks 9 in Technology - Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab Extension icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

10. In case of a bug in your PC

Life Hacks 10 in Technology - In case of a bug in your PC, google 'error xxxx solved' instead of the description.

11. Use Tilde In GG Search

Life Hacks 11 in Technology - Use a tilde before a term to include results with its synonyms
Example: unicorn ~magical
Using the tilde can widen your search and pull additional results that wouldn't necessarily come up otherwise. 

12. Fix Plasma Screen Burn with Static

Life Hacks 12 in Technology - If an image is burned into your plasma TV screen, turn on static for about a day for the image to fade away.

13. Delete Last Digit: Quick Life Hack

Life Hacks 13 in Technology - Don't want to retype everything in your calculator? Swipe right or left on your iPhone/Android calculator to delete the last digit.

14. Secure Your Account: Use Fake Security Answers

Life Hacks 14 in Technology - Taking every measure to secure your personal account? Do not answer the security questions honestly when you are signing up for a website. Always use the same wrong answer (any randomly chosen word) for maximum security!

15. How to Access Task Manager Quickly in Windows

Life Hacks 15 in Technology - Instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to get straight to the Task Manager in Windows.

16. Maximize Your Console's Life: Use Water Bottle Caps!

Life Hacks 16 in Technology - Put water bottle caps under your Xbox or PlayStation so they get proper airflow on all six sides. It'll ensure a much longer life for your gaming console.

17. Glow in the Dark Charger: Never Lose It Again!

Life Hacks 17 in Technology - Put glow-in-the-dark paint on your phone charger to never worry about losing it in the dark.

18. Flip a Coin with Siri: Life Hack

Life Hacks 18 in Technology - If you want to flip a coin but don't have one, you could ask Siri to do so instead.

19. Answer phone when battery low: Should or shouldnt?

Life Hacks 19 in Technology - Avoid answering your phone when the battery is running low as it emits radiation 1000 times stronger than usual.

20. 10 Strategies for Strategic RunPee Bathroom Breaks

Life Hacks 20 in Technology - Since movie theatres don't have pause buttons, the app RunPee provides the most strategic intervals to take your bathroom breaks.

21. After purchasing a 3D printer

Life Hacks 21 in Technology - The first thing you should print after purchasing a 3D printer is replacement parts for the printer.

22. Unlock the Secret to Longer Battery Life: Turn Off Flash

Life Hacks 22 in Technology - Turning off the flash on your phone's camera even when the camera is not in use extends the phone's battery life.

23. How to Disable Autoplay Facebook Videos

Life Hacks 23 in Technology - You can remove the autoplay feature of Facebook videos once and for all by going to and switching the videos tab off.

24. Charge Faster: Airplane Mode

Life Hacks 24 in Technology - If you're running low on battery, putting your phone in the Airplane mode will make it charge much faster

25. Maximize Phone Battery Life: Put It On Airplane Mode

Life Hacks 25 in Technology - Turn airplane mode on to save your phone's battery if you need it later.

26. Play informative and fascinating videos

Life Hacks 26 in Technology - will play informative and fascinating videos for you to watch instead of TV.

27. Pasting text without formatting

Life Hacks 27 in Technology - When you copy something from the internet use Ctrl + Shift + V to prevent the text from formatting before pasting it.

28. Download any Google image

Life Hacks 28 in Technology - Download any Google image by pressing Alt and left-clicking on the mouse.

29. Make Text All Uppercase or Lowercase with Shift+F3

Life Hacks 29 in Technology - Highlight a selection in Word and hit shift+F3 to make it all caps or all lowercase.

30. Add '+spam' to the end of your emai

Life Hacks 30 in Technology - Have to use your email to sign up for something but never want to hear from them again? Add '+spam' to the end of your email username to redirect their emails to your spam folder.

31. Use The Related Query In GG Search

Life Hacks 31 in Technology - Use related: to find sites that are similar to the specified site
This is particularly useful for conducting competitor research.

32. Open a .Pages file on your PC

Life Hacks 32 in Technology - If you want to open a .Pages file on your PC, change the file extension from .pages to .zip to get a pdf version of it.

33. Dial *67: Surprising Life Hack for Calls

Life Hacks 33 in Technology - Dial *67 before the number and you'll be surprising that person since he/she won't have a clue about the number!

34. Testing headphones or speakers with Bohemian Rhapsody

Life Hacks 34 in Technology - If you're buying headphones or speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has a complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

35. Unlock Emojis on Your PC: Chrome extension Chromoji

Life Hacks 35 in Technology - The Chromoji extension for Google Chrome will allow you to see emojis when you're on your computer.

36. Protect Your PIN: Top 20 Most Guessed Numbers

Life Hacks 36 in Technology - The 20 most guessed PIN numbers are given below. If you have one of these change it immediately. 1234 1212 2000 6969 5555 1313 7777 4444 9999 6666 8888 0000 1004 2222 3333 1122 4321 2001 1010

37. Unlock the Secret of Life Hacks: Zoom In!

Life Hacks 37 in Technology - While showing people pictures on your phone, zoom in a little bit so they can't swipe to other pictures.

38. Unlock YouTube Shortcuts: Pause, J/L Frame-by-Frame

Life Hacks 38 in Technology - Simple YouTube shortcuts: Pause the video using K, to move frame by frame use J or L to go backward or forward respectively.

39. Unlock Free Trials with a Date Change Hack

Life Hacks 39 in Technology - Extend the length of a free trial software you downloaded on your computer by changing the date on your computer to a past date

40. How chocolates help you get good marks

Life Hacks 40 in Technology - Eating chocolates while studying. It will help the brain retain new information more easily and directly link to higher test scores.

41. Restore iPhone Typing with a Shake!

Life Hacks 41 in Technology - If you accidentally erased something you just typed on your iPhone, just shake it to redo the typing.

42. The page mirrors Google.

Life Hacks 42 in Technology - Go to The entire page is a mirror image of the original Google website!

43. Enter characters with accent marks on Mac

Life Hacks 43 in Technology - In an app on your Mac, press and hold a letter key on the keyboard—for example, a—to display the accent menu.
The menu isn’t shown if a key doesn’t have any possible accent marks.

44. 1st thing to do when being stressed and worn-out

Life Hacks 44 in Technology - Feeling stressed or worn out?
The DoNothingFor2Minutes challenge asks you to sit and do nothing for two minutes.

45. Feeling insecure about any of your accounts?

Life Hacks 45 in Technology - Feeling insecure about any of your accounts? Instantly remove all of your personal data from all websites you do not want to have on

46. Keep Friends Away From iPhone: Unlock With Siri!

Life Hacks 46 in Technology - Here's how you can keep your friends away from going through your iPhone! Let them use it to call someone using Siri from the lock screen. They'll be able to make calls, but not look at texts or photos.

47. Prevent Unwanted Toolbars: Use Custom Installation

Life Hacks 47 in Technology - To prevent installing unwanted toolbars, always use the custom installation option. When installing software, this will show you exactly what you are downloading

48. How to Increase Touch Sensitivity on Smartphones: Quick Tips

Life Hacks 48 in Technology - Getting rid of dirt and oil from the touch screen using an eye glass wipe will increase the sensitivity to touch of your smartphone/tablet

49. Creating Unique Identicons with Contact App

Life Hacks 49 in Technology - Use the Contact Identicons App to generate unique icons for all your friends.

50. Repeat YouTube: A Life Hack to Make Any Song Repeat

Life Hacks 50 in Technology - If you want a song on YouTube on repeat, add 'repeat' between youtube and .com.

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