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50 Useful Life Hacks That Funny to Try

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Sometimes, life can get a little too serious. That's where these funny life hacks come in. Not only are they practical and useful, but they're also a little bit silly and can add some humor to your day.

These 50 life hacks will make you laugh and make your life a little easier.

1. Great recipe for dinner

Life Hacks 1 in Funny - Clueless about what to make for dinner? On you can get random profane dinner suggestions along with links to the complete recipe.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Nails Perfect for Clubs & Concerts

Life Hacks 2 in Funny - Break a glow stick in half and put it in a bottle of clear nail polish to get glow-in-the-dark nails perfect for concerts and clubs.

3. Keep Your Dog From Running Away: Pretend You're Hurt

Life Hacks 3 in Funny - Having a hard time keeping your dog from running away when you go out? Pretend you're hurt and lie down. They'll always come back to see if you're okay

4. How to get a fake tattoo

Life Hacks 4 in Funny - Want to get a fake tattoo that would last for a month?
Draw your tattoo with a sharpie. Rub baby powder on it. Cover it in hairspray.

5. How to keep your valuable stuffs on the beach

Life Hacks 5 in Funny - When you are tired of getting your stuffs stolen at the beach, take a clean diaper, put all your valuables things inside and roll it up!

6. Killing Weeds with White Vinegar: A Long-Lasting Solution

Life Hacks 6 in Funny - The most effective way to kill weeds and make them stay dead for a long time is by using white vinegar straight from the bottle.

7. Park Legally: Life Hack Tips

Life Hacks 7 in Funny - If you want to park somewhere it is not allowed, just keep an envelope from a parking ticket under your windshield wipers.

8. Glow in the Dark Pathway: Illuminate Your Way Home!

Life Hacks 8 in Funny - Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint that charges during the day and lights the way to your house in the evening!

9. Create The Coolest Lantern Ever

Life Hacks 9 in Funny - Make the coolest lantern ever by pouring water into a mason jar and adding glow sticks into it.

10. 5 Life Hacks to Reduce Brain Tumor Risk

Life Hacks 10 in Funny - According to research, listening to music frequently will reduce the risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.

11. Reuse Cassette Tapes: The Perfect Stand for Your Phone

Life Hacks 11 in Funny - Use old cassette tapes as a perfect stand for your phone.

12. Get Open Office Free: More Features Than Microsoft Word

Life Hacks 12 in Funny - If you can't afford Microsoft Word, get Open Office instead as it has more features and is also free.

13. Boost Brainpower: Play Tetris!

Life Hacks 13 in Funny - Want to increase your brainpower? Playing Tetris helps to do so significantly.

14. 5 Tips To Avoid Getting Caught Sleeping At Work

Life Hacks 14 in Funny - 5 things to say if you get caught sleeping at work:1. They told me at the blood bank this might happen. 2. The coffee machine is broken 3. Someone must have put decaf in the wrong pot 4. Why did you interrupt me? I almost had a solution to our biggest problem 5. In God's name Amen!

15. DIY Light Switch Hack: Put a Magnet Behind It!

Life Hacks 15 in Funny - Put a magnet behind your light switch for an awesome DIY!

16. Get up to $75 from Naked Juice!

Life Hacks 16 in Funny - Here's how you can earn some money! Naked Juice (the company) products have lawsuits filed against them and if you've bought products from them in the past 6 years, you can receive up to $75

17. Respect Parents: School Without Google!

Life Hacks 17 in Funny - Respect your parents - they passed school without Google!

18. Tips to Be Awesome: Visit!

Life Hacks 18 in Funny - Here's how you amaze yourself: Go to! They will tell you the truth.

19. Life Hacks: Say 'Amen' for Success

Life Hacks 19 in Funny - If you're caught sleeping in the school or on the job, you can just raise your head slowly and say in Jesus' name, Amen

20. Is the money sound from an ATM fake?

Life Hacks 20 in Funny - The sound of cash being drawn at the atm is fake. It is created by a small speaker to give a sense of security knowing your money is coming.

21. Two rules for success

Life Hacks 21 in Funny - Success has two rules: 1) Never reveal everything you know. 2) ..

22. How to learn beatbox easily

Life Hacks 22 in Funny - Easy trick to learn beatbox! Saying "Boots 'N' Cats" quickly and repeatedly at varying tempos is the secret.

23. 5 Tips to Sneak Out Quietly

Life Hacks 23 in Funny - If you ever want to sneak out of the house quietly, step as close to the railing as possible to avoid creaks. Creaky doors can be muted by lifting up the doorknob and slowly opening or closing the door.

24. Fix Stuck Zippers Easily with a Pencil

Life Hacks 24 in Funny - Rubbing a graphite pencil against a stuck zipper is the most effective way to make it work again.

25. How to Deodorize Sneakers: Quick and Easy Tips

Life Hacks 25 in Funny - Smelly sneakers? Put them in Ziploc bags and freeze them.

26. Beat Telemarketers: Easy Life Hacks!

Life Hacks 26 in Funny - Mess with telemarketers! Some aren't allowed to hang up so answer the call take a shower have a snack then say no thanks

27. Secure Your Car: Park at Banks

Life Hacks 27 in Funny - Want your car to remain safe in a city over the night? Park it in front of a bank. They are always lit up and have cameras everywhere.

28. Life Hack: Avoid 'Heck' & Use 'Hell'

Life Hacks 28 in Funny - The next time you think heck is a clean alternative to hell, know that it was originally a combination of 'hell' and 'fuck'.

29. Keep Sand Away: The Beach Life Hack

Life Hacks 29 in Funny - Bring a fitted sheet next time you go to the beach to keep sand away from your area.

30. Have a Colorful Water Fight This Summer!

Life Hacks 30 in Funny - Bored this summer? Fill some water guns with Water-Colour paints and have a fight while wearing all white clothing.

31. Transform Your Laptop into a Home Theater

Life Hacks 31 in Funny - Create a home theatre effect on your laptop by cutting a plastic cup in half and placing them over your speaker to amplify the sound.

32. Exchange unused items without a receipt

Life Hacks 32 in Funny - If you ever want to exchange an unused item but don't have the receipt, tell them that you received it as a gift without a receipt.

33. Get Flat Tire? Take a Picture!

Life Hacks 33 in Funny - Got a flat tire? Take a picture of it on your phone. For future reference you can text that picture to people as a great excuse if you don't want to go somewhere!

34. 14,600 Improved Lives in 40 Years: Life Hacks to Make It Happen

Life Hacks 34 in Funny - If you improve one person's mood every day you would have improved 14,600 peoples lives in 40 years.

35. Life Hack: Differentiating Dreams and Reality

Life Hacks 35 in Funny - The best way to differentiate between dreams and reality is by checking the time. If there's a drastic difference in the time, then you're dreaming.

36. Secrets to Covering Up Embarrassing Mistakes

Life Hacks 36 in Funny - Here's how you cover up things for yourself. Say you lost a bet if you were ever caught doing something embarrassing in public

37. Stand Out: The Fake Job Ad Trick

Life Hacks 37 in Funny - Do you want your application to stand out from the crowd? Post a fake job ad on Craigslist for the position you're interested in. Review your competitors and make your resume stand out!

38. Party Pranks: M&Ms and Skittles in One Bowl

Life Hacks 38 in Funny - Party prank: Put M&Ms and Skittles in the same bowl.

39. 7 Creative Life Hacks to Avoid Road Rage

Life Hacks 39 in Funny - If someone cuts you off give them the thumbs down instead of the middle finger. They'll think about their actions more instead of feeling unwarranted anger towards you.

40. Park Your Car with Ease: Use a Tennis Ball

Life Hacks 40 in Funny - Hang a tennis ball in your garage over the spot where your car should stop while parking.

41. How to Beat Boredom: The Apple Test

Life Hacks 41 in Funny - Can't decide if you're hungry? Ask yourself if you want an apple. If your answer is no, then you're probably bored.

42. 7 Tips to Stop Kids' Tantrums in Public

Life Hacks 42 in Funny - Threatening to sing in public is one of the most effective threats used by parents of 7 to 16-year-olds to prevent them from throwing a tantrum in public.

43. Simple Life Hack: Make a Pinhole Camera!

Life Hacks 43 in Funny - Forgot your glasses? Make a ring shape with your fingers and look through it like a telescope as this prevents light from spreading onto your retina and will focus on the image like a pinhole camera.

44. Ignore Calls with Custom Ringtones

Life Hacks 44 in Funny - Put your favourite songs as custom ringtones for people you don't like. This way you can enjoy the song while ignoring their calls.

45. Tips for Teaching Good Behavior in Public

Life Hacks 45 in Funny - Looking for the best way to get your children to behave in public? Parents of children 7–16 can do so by threatening to sing loudly

46. 5 Reasons to Never Sleep Naked

Life Hacks 46 in Funny - Never sleep naked. In case of an emergency, you wouldn't have time to put something on!

47. Speed Up Your Routine with a Fire Extinguisher

Life Hacks 47 in Funny - If you need to rush somewhere fast carry a fire extinguisher. No one will ever stop a person running with a fire extinguisher.

48. Dry Shoes Fast with Bungee Cords

Life Hacks 48 in Funny - Use bungee cords to dry your shoes without ruining your dryer.

49. Reuse Tic Tac Box to Store Hair Pins

Life Hacks 49 in Funny - Stop losing hair pins by storing them in an old Tic Tac box.

50. Unlock the Right Answer: Post a Wrong Solution

Life Hacks 50 in Funny - You're more likely to get the right answer on the internet if you happen to post a wrong solution for it rather than the question itself.

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