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50 Tech Life Hacks Improve Your Knowledge in Minute

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Technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. From smartphones to laptops, we are surrounded by devices that make our lives easier and more productive. But are we making the most of these devices? With so many features and capabilities, it can be hard to keep up.

In this article, we’ll share 50 tech life hacks to improve your knowledge in minutes.

1. Want to fast forward?

Life Hacks: - Want to fast forward? Press 1 2 3 etc to jump 10% 20% 30% into the clip you are watching on YouTube!

2. Download YouTube Videos: ss Trick

Life Hacks: - Downloading a YouTube video? In the URL, add ss between www. and Youtube. Disclaimer: This might not be legal. Please try at your own risk.

3. Save Your Charger with a Pen Spring

Life Hacks: - You can use a spring from an old pen to save your charger from tearing or bending.

4. Charge Faster: Airplane Mode

Life Hacks: - If you're running low on battery, putting your phone in the Airplane mode will make it charge much faster

5. Replace AA Batteries with AAA and Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks: - When you're out of AA batteries, use AAA battery by filling the gap with a small aluminum foil on the negative side.

6. Reopen Accidentally Closed Tabs: Ctrl+Shift+T

Life Hacks: - In case you accidentally close a tab, press ctrl+shift+t to reopen it.

7. Never Hit Replay Again: YouTube Trick

Life Hacks: - Annoyed by replaying songs on YouTube? Insert 'repeat' between '' and '.com'. Enjoy endless replays without the hassle!

8. Skip Ads with AdBlock for YouTube Videos

Life Hacks: - Use the Chrome extension called AdBlock to skip ads in a YouTube video

9. Stop Telemarketer Calls: Press 9!

Life Hacks: - Hate calls from telemarketers? Don't say anything; just press 9 on your phone. It'll add your number to the do-not-call list!

10. Restore iPhone Typing with a Shake!

Life Hacks: - If you accidentally erased something you just typed on your iPhone, just shake it to redo the typing.

11. Fix Plasma Screen Burn with Static

Life Hacks: - If an image is burned into your plasma TV screen, turn on static for about a day for the image to fade away.

12. Boost Music Volume - Easy Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Want loud music but don't have speakers? Put your phone in a concave shaped bowl to amplify the music.

13. Simplify Wikipedia Links for Life Hacks

Life Hacks: - Replace the en in a Wikipedia link with simple to strip away the complex and mostly irrelevant information on the page

14. How to realize a PDF file containing viruses

Life Hacks: - If you download a PDF file and you see it ends with .exe, delete it. It's a virus.

15. Happy birthday sound on Dial

Life Hacks: - Here's how to play Happy Birthday on your phone. Open the dialer app and increase the volume. Dial:
112163 112196 11#9632 969363
The tones made by the buttons will sound like the birthday tune!

16. Website to play Nintendo game

Life Hacks: - Visit to play almost every single Nintendo game!

17. See the ISS from Home: Spot The Station Alerts

Life Hacks: - Sign up for Spot The Station Alerts at NASA. They will email or text you when the International Space Station is passing over your location!

18. Unlock Netflix with Hola Unblocker

Life Hacks: - Access restricted shows and movies by using the Hola Unblocker extension on Google Chrome. Enjoy content from different regions.

19. 10-Minute Email Solutions for Sign-Ups

Life Hacks: - Don't wish to use your email address when signing up for things? gives a fake email address.

20. Wish to see every website where your username has been used?

Life Hacks: - Wish to see every website where your username has been used? You can do so by having many different online accounts on

21. Discover the Name of Any Song Instantly:

Life Hacks: - Wish to instantly find the name of the song you just heard? will tell you

22. Organize Power Cords with Bread Clips

Life Hacks: - Looking for simple ways to organise your power chords? Use bread clips to do it!

23. Watch blocked videos on Youtube

Life Hacks: - Blocked YouTube videos getting on your nerves? Watch those blocked regionally on ProxTube.

24. Save mobile data by switching off Facebook autoplay video

Life Hacks: - Save mobile data by switching off Facebook autoplay video - it consumes most of your mobile data! Go to settings -> videos -> auto-play video, and turn it off.

25. Easy Ways to Fix a Frozen Mobile Phone

Life Hacks: - If your phone freezes, switch it off and put it for charging. This should fix it!

26. Unlock YouTube Shortcuts: Pause, J/L Frame-by-Frame

Life Hacks: - Simple YouTube shortcuts:
Press J to move backward 10s Press K to pausePress L to move forward 10s

27. How to send your future version a letter?

Life Hacks: - If you want to send letters to yourself in the future, just let do it for you!

28. How to Stop Video Ads and Keep Listening to Music

Life Hacks: - Here's how you can stop the advertisement and continue listening to music! Open Siri during a video Pandora advertisement. It will stop the advertisement and allow you to continue listening to music

29. Free Internet at Airports: Bypass Expensive WiFi with ?.jpg

Life Hacks: - Looking for free Internet at an airport? Add ?.jpg at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive WiFi and access the Internet for free!

30. How you can break through blocked websites

Life Hacks: - Here is how you can break through blocked websites at your workplace or school! Use Google translate as a proxy and just copy/paste the URL into it!

31. Venting out to a total stranger

Life Hacks: - Your problems and secrets can be vented out to a total stranger on

32. The page mirrors Google.

Life Hacks: - Go to The entire page is a mirror image of the original Google website!

33. Secure Your Account: Use Fake Security Answers

Life Hacks: - Taking every measure to secure your personal account? Do not answer the security questions honestly when you are signing up for a website. Always use the same wrong answer (any randomly chosen word) for maximum security!

34. Remove Scratches from LCD Screen with Eraser!

Life Hacks: - Rub an eraser to remove the scratch mark from your LCD screen!

35. Unlock Free Trials with a Date Change Hack

Life Hacks: - Extend the length of a free trial software you downloaded on your computer by changing the date on your computer to a past date

36. How to Reset Your Computer Password in Safe Mode

Life Hacks: - Forgot your computer password? Boot up in safe mode (tap F2 or F12 during startup). Log in as an administrator and then change your password.

37. Unblock Sites with Google Chrome Incognito

Life Hacks: - Want to access YouTube and other sites that are blocked by your computer? Google Chrome Incognito may allow you to access them.

38. How to access to Pandora outside US

Life Hacks: - Here is how you get access to Pandora, Hulu or Netflix outside the US! Download the Chrome/Firefox extension called Media hint.

39. Find Your Lost Android Device with Google Play!

Life Hacks: - Android Device Ring on Google Play to the rescue if you have lost an Android phone in your house and it is on vibrate!

40. Dial *67: Surprising Life Hack for Calls

Life Hacks: - Dial *67 before the number and you'll be surprising that person since he/she won't have a clue about the number!

41. Boost WiFi on Flights: Tips and Tricks

Life Hacks: - Sign up for the free 30 minute trial of on-board WiFi while flying. Delete cookies in the browser when trial ends. Start new trial.

42. Create 2 Emails to Avoid Hackers

Life Hacks: - Create 2 email accounts with different passwords, use one of these exclusively for registering online accounts. This will avoid a ton of spam and prevent hackers entering your main account.

43. Boost Your Cell Signal: Try Airplane Mode!

Life Hacks: - If you're in an area where you should have cell phone service but don't, put your phone on airplane mode and then switch back. This will cause your phone to register and find all the towers in your vicinity.

44. How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Mobile Devices

Life Hacks: - If you want to play YouTube videos in the background on your mobile devices, you can use Safari.

45. Use toothpaste to remove scratches

Life Hacks: - Use a little bit of toothpaste to fix minor scratches on the glass or on your car.

46. How to Access Task Manager Quickly in Windows

Life Hacks: - Instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to get straight to the Task Manager in Windows.

47. Unlock the Secret to Longer Battery Life: Turn Off Flash

Life Hacks: - Turning off the flash on your phone's camera even when the camera is not in use extends the phone's battery life.

48. Erase Misspelled Words in Seconds - Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Instead of hitting backspace multiple times to correct misspelled words, erase the whole word by pressing CTRL + BACKSPACE.

49. Testing headphones or speakers with Bohemian Rhapsody

Life Hacks: - If you're buying headphones or speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has a complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

50. Maximize Your Console's Life: Use Water Bottle Caps!

Life Hacks: - Put water bottle caps under your Xbox or PlayStation so they get proper airflow on all six sides. It'll ensure a much longer life for your gaming console.

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