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50 Tech Life Hacks Improve Your Knowledge in Minute

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Technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. From smartphones to laptops, we are surrounded by devices that make our lives easier and more productive. But are we making the most of these devices? With so many features and capabilities, it can be hard to keep up.

In this article, we’ll share 50 tech life hacks to improve your knowledge in minutes.

1. How you can break through blocked websites

Life Hacks 1 in Technology - Here is how you can break through blocked websites at your workplace or school! Use Google translate as a proxy and just copy/paste the URL into it!

2. Skip Ads with AdBlock for YouTube Videos

Life Hacks 2 in Technology - Use the Chrome extension called AdBlock to skip ads in a YouTube video

3. Free Internet at Airports: Bypass Expensive WiFi with ?.jpg

Life Hacks 3 in Technology - Looking for free Internet at an airport? Add ?.jpg at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive WiFi and access the Internet for free!

4. Want to binge watch the 90s cartoon for free?

Life Hacks 4 in Technology - Want to binge watch the 90s cartoon for free? On, you can continuously stream them all.

5. How to realize a PDF file containing viruses

Life Hacks 5 in Technology - If you download a PDF file and you see it ends in .exe delete it. It's a virus.

6. Watch blocked videos on Youtube

Life Hacks 6 in Technology - Blocked YouTube videos getting on your nerves? Watch those blocked regionally on ProxTube.

7. Replace AA Batteries with AAA and Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks 7 in Technology - When you're out of AA batteries, use AAA battery by filling the gap with a small aluminum foil on the negative side

8. Simplify Wikipedia Links for Life Hacks

Life Hacks 8 in Technology - Replace the en in a Wikipedia link with simple to strip away the complex and mostly irrelevant information on the page

9. Wish to see every website where your username has been used?

Life Hacks 9 in Technology - Wish to see every website where your username has been used? You can do so by having many different online accounts on

10. Want to fast forward?

Life Hacks 10 in Technology - Want to fast forward? Press 1 2 3 etc to jump 10% 20% 30% into the clip you are watching on YouTube!

11. Avoid getting viruses on PC

Life Hacks 11 in Technology - If you download files from unknown sources or emails, be careful when clicking on these files. Virus files usually have the form:
.exe .vbs .pif .scr .bat .cmd .com .cpl .dll

12. Website to play Nintendo game

Life Hacks 12 in Technology - Visit to play almost every single Nintendo game!

13. Discover the Name of Any Song Instantly:

Life Hacks 13 in Technology - Wish to instantly find the name of the song you just heard? will tell you

14. Stop Telemarketer Calls: Press 9!

Life Hacks 14 in Technology - Hate calls from telemarketers? Don't say anything; just press 9 on your phone. It'll add your number to the do not call list!

15. Unlock Netflix with Hola Unblocker

Life Hacks 15 in Technology - Access restricted shows and movies by using the Hola Unblocker extension on Google Chrome. Enjoy content from different regions, like the UK version of Netflix

16. Never Hit Replay Again: YouTube Trick

Life Hacks 16 in Technology - Annoyed by replaying songs on YouTube? Insert 'repeat' between '' and '.com'. Enjoy endless replays without the hassle!

17. Find Your Lost Android Device with Google Play!

Life Hacks 17 in Technology - Android Device Ring on Google Play to the rescue if you have lost an Android phone in your house and it is on vibrate!

18. Need a quick repair manual?

Life Hacks 18 in Technology - Need a quick repair manual?
On - The Free Repair Manual, you can search the repair manual for almost anything.

19. Secrets Self-Destruct with

Life Hacks 19 in Technology - You could send a person a text message that will self-destruct after they read it on

20. Ads silencing automatically on Spotify

Life Hacks 20 in Technology - Ads on Spotify are often annoying. Mutify is the best Spotify ad silencing app you can get. That is completely free and works in the background.
Whenever Mutify detects an ad is playing on Spotify, it helps you turn down the volume of the ads automatically

21. Test if Batteries are Good

Life Hacks 21 in Technology - If your battery gives one small bounce when dropped from a height of 6 inches, they're good enough to be used. If not, they're most likely to be dead or on their way out.

22. Happy birthday sound on Dial

Life Hacks 22 in Technology - Here's how to play Happy Birthday on your phone. Open the dialer app and increase the volume. Dial:
112163 112196 11#9632 969363
The tones made by the buttons will sound like the birthday tune!

23. Easy Way to Remove Personal Data:

Life Hacks 23 in Technology - You could remove your personal data across unwanted sites all at once on

24. How to recover unsaved Word documents

Life Hacks 24 in Technology - Accidentally close a Word file without saving? No autosave either? 3 ways to recover it:
Check the folder C:\Users\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFilesOpen Word, and select File > Info > Manage Document > Recover Unsaved Documents.Search .asd into file explorer under my/this pc.

25. The Future of Life Hacks: Type N Walk

Life Hacks 25 in Technology - An app called Type N Walk lets you see what's ahead of you while typing and walking.

26. How to boost your iPhone's battery life expectancy

Life Hacks 26 in Technology - Ways to boost your iPhone's battery life:.
Switch to Wifi instead of dataReduce iphone brightnessSwitch on dark modeSwitch battery serve onStop apps refreshing in the backgroundTurn off notificationsDisable raise to wake

27. Reopen Accidentally Closed Tabs: Ctrl+Shift+T

Life Hacks 27 in Technology - In case you accidentally close a tab, press ctrl+shift+t to reopen it.

28. Play music by command line

Life Hacks 28 in Technology - is a site that allows you to listen to any genre by using the command line. Use the play command to begin listening. For example: play electronic pop, play Madonna, etc...

29. Fix Scratched Disks with Toothpaste!

Life Hacks 29 in Technology - If there are scratches on your disk, apply a small dab of toothpaste over it to seal them. Do remember to wipe it off before you stick it back in!

30. Discover music playing around you

Life Hacks 30 in Technology - Can't remember a song? Use to hum/sing as much of the song as you can and it'll match it up to all the possible songs you were thinking of.

31. How to access to Pandora outside US

Life Hacks 31 in Technology - Here is how you get access to Pandora, Hulu or Netflix outside the US! Download the Chrome/Firefox extension called Media hint.

32. 10-Minute Email Solutions for Sign-Ups

Life Hacks 32 in Technology - Don't wish to use your own email address when signing up for things? gives a fake email address.

33. Know enough before start something new

Life Hacks 33 in Technology - Always do a Google search for Things I wish I knew when I started X to get tons of info from people that have learned valuable lessons from their experiences.

34. Too bugged of typing your email address every single time?

Life Hacks 34 in Technology - Too bugged of typing your email address every single time? Make an autocorrect shortcut on your phone to do it more easily!

35. Boost Your Cell Signal: Try Airplane Mode!

Life Hacks 35 in Technology - If you're in an area where you should have cell phone service but don't, put your phone on airplane mode and then switch back. This will cause your phone to register and find all the towers in your vicinity.

36. Use an online version of Photoshop for free

Life Hacks 36 in Technology - You could use an online version of Photoshop for free on SumoPaint.

37. Discover the Power of Google Reverse Image Search

Life Hacks 37 in Technology - If you right-click an image and hit SS on Chrome, it will automatically do a Google reverse image search for that image.

38. Recover Lost Work with Microsoft Word Easily

Life Hacks 38 in Technology - You can recover any lost work within Microsoft Word after it crashes by following these steps: Open Word, click on File Info Manage Versions and select Recover Unsaved Documents.

39. Remove Scratches from LCD Screen with Eraser!

Life Hacks 39 in Technology - Rub an eraser to remove the scratch mark from your LCD screen!

40. Create Your Own GIFs From YouTube!

Life Hacks 40 in Technology - You could create your own gif from any video on YouTube by adding the word 'gif' before the word 'youtube' in the link.

41. Download YouTube Videos: ss Trick

Life Hacks 41 in Technology - Downloading a YouTube video? In the URL, add ss between www. and Youtube. Disclaimer: This might not be legal. Please try at your own risk.

42. Boost Music Volume - Easy Life Hack

Life Hacks 42 in Technology - Want loud music but don't have speakers? Put your phone in a concave shaped bowl to amplify the music.

43. Venting out to a total stranger

Life Hacks 43 in Technology - Your problems and secrets can be vented out to a total stranger on

44. Find Your Car Easily with Google Maps

Life Hacks 44 in Technology - Google maps can be an effective car locator if you mark your current location when you park.

45. Maximize Time with FastCustomer: Life Hack

Life Hacks 45 in Technology - The FastCustomer app calls the company for you, waits on hold, and then calls you when an actual human is on the line.

46. Watch every single old Disney movie

Life Hacks 46 in Technology - You could watch every single old Disney movie for free on Cornel1801.

47. Google Chrome shortcut

Life Hacks 47 in Technology - Google Chrome shortcut: Download the I'm a Gentleman plugin and hit ALT and click on any image to have it automatically saved to your computer!

48. Are Hair Color Changes Worth the Risk?

Life Hacks 48 in Technology - Are extreme hair makeovers worth the risk? The Hair Colour Booth app gives a preview of your hair in different colors to help you with that decision.

49. Request your Google Play refund

Life Hacks 49 in Technology - If it's been less than 48 hours since you bought an app or made an in-app purchase: You can request a refund through Google Play.

50. Using global version of Google

Life Hacks 50 in Technology - Use to stay on and using global version without being redirected to a localized version.

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