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50 Life Hacks Make You Smatter In Any Situation

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As life becomes more demanding, it's important to have the necessary tools to make your daily routine easier and more efficient. From household chores to personal finance, there are simple life hacks that can make a significant difference in your life.

In this article, we will explore 50 life hacks to make you smarter in any situation.

1. How to buy clothes a character has worn

Life Hacks: - Have you ever watched a TV show and wanted something a character has worn? There's a website called that finds the exact clothes and lists where to buy them.

2. Experience Stargazing: Fill a Truck Bed with Pillows and Blankets

Life Hacks: - A must for anyone's Bucket List: Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive to the middle of nowhere to go stargazing.

3. Improve Night Vision: Keep One Eye Open

Life Hacks: - To improve your night vision keep one eye closed in a well-lit area and then open it in darkness; that eye will be able to see in the dark.

4. How long it takes to completely know your spouse

Life Hacks: - Studies show couples who have known each other for more than 4 years have a lower chance of getting divorced in comparison to the last. Normally, it takes us at least 2 to 4 years to completely understand someone.

5. Avoid a ticket: Know the light signals!

Life Hacks: - If someone flashes their lights, it means there is a cop ahead. If they flick their lights on and off it means your lights are off.

6. Quick Life Hack: Use Hairspray to Stop Wasps & Bees

Life Hacks: - If you're ever attacked by wasps or bees, use hairspray to immobilize them.

7. Get Indoors Now: The Halo Around Sun and Moon Signals Storm Ahead

Life Hacks: - If you ever spot a halo around the sun or moon, get indoors immediately, as it indicates a storm is coming.

8. What do hand gestures tell us?

Life Hacks: - According to psychology, a person usually makes a lot of hand gestures while telling a true story whereas when telling a lie, hand gestures will stay noticeably still.

9. 10 Life Hacks for Social Situations

Life Hacks: - Stuck in a social situation? Keep in mind that it's better to be interested in other people than to try and be interesting.

10. Power Outages: How Hospitals Help You Beat the Blackout

Life Hacks: - If you ever buy a house or apartment near a hospital, your power will always be restored before everyone else's.

11. Boost Sex Life with Oysters and Lean Meat!

Life Hacks: - Oysters, lean meat, seafood and whole grains are all foods that have been proven to boost sex life!

12. How to Remember Your Dreams Better

Life Hacks: - According to studies, drinking half a glass of water before going to bed and half a glass of water when waking up helps you remember your dreams.

13. Learning to drive stick

Life Hacks: - Learning to drive stick keeps you more focused on the road and makes your car less likely to be stolen.

14. Tilt Right for Smarts, Chin Up for Charm

Life Hacks: - Psychology shows that tilting your head to the right makes you appear more intelligent while adopting the same pose with a slightly raised chin gives off a more attractive vibe.

15. How to plump up a flattened pillow

Life Hacks: - The best way to plump up a flattened pillow is to leave it under the sun for 30 minutes.

16. Reason to Go to Sleep After 2AM

Life Hacks: - When it's after 2 am, just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2 am are always the wrong decisions. - Ted Mosby

17. Get an Autographed 8x10 Photo from Your Favorite Disney Character!

Life Hacks: - If you write a letter to this address: 1 ATTN: Character's name Walt Disney Communications PO Box 10040 Lake Buena Vista FL 32830-0040. Your favorite Disney character will send you an autographed 8x10 picture.

18. Escape Any Maze: A Life Hack Guide

Life Hacks: - You can get out of any physical or virtual maze by touching your hand to the right wall and keep walking.

19. Make Unpoppable Bubbles with Joy!

Life Hacks: - You could make unpoppable bubbles by mixing 6 cups of water, 1 cup of corn syrup, and a few cups of Joy dish soap.

20. What to do if your car is stuck in snow

Life Hacks: - If your car gets stuck in the snow this winter, put the floor mats under the tires for easy traction.

21. Fresh French Vanilla Scent with Tea Lights and Coffee Beans

Life Hacks: - If you place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans, the candle heats it enough to give your house a delicious french vanilla coffee scent.

22. Tips for Identifying an Overworked Waiter

Life Hacks: - Know the difference between a waiter who sucks at their job and an overworked waiter who is trying their best, before tipping them.

23. 7 Reasons to Stop Hitting Snooze

Life Hacks: - A person usually ends up being more tired if they hit snooze each time than if they got up right away.

24. Boost Creativity with Green: Life Hacks

Life Hacks: - Studies show that being surrounded by the color green tends to make a person more creative.

25. How to Easily De-Ice Sidewalks and Steps

Life Hacks: - The most effective way to get rid of icy sidewalks or steps is to pour a solution of a teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid with 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and half a gallon of hot water.

26. Make a Positive Impression: Wear Bright Colors

Life Hacks: - Studies show people who wear bright colors tend to make a more positive impression, as the colors you wear account for 62–90% of a person's first impression.

27. Start work at a new company

Life Hacks: - About to start work at a new company? On, you can read real reviews and find out what it's like to work there before you actually do.

28. Sleep Faster: Left Side is Best!

Life Hacks: - Studies show that sleeping on your left side helps you fall asleep faster than sleeping on your right side.

29. Mask Fumes with Vanilla Extract

Life Hacks: - Do you hate getting your house painted due to the smell? Next time, add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the paint before you start to mask the fumes while maintaining the quality of the paint.

30. Stay Tan During Winter: Eat More Meat and Dairy

Life Hacks: - Studies show eating more meat and dairy products increases the body's production of melanin, which helps a person stay tan during the winter months.

31. Sharpening Knives with Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks: - The cheapest and easiest way to sharpen a knife is to cut them a few times through aluminum foils.

32. 7 Simple Life Hacks for Happiness

Life Hacks: - Trying to hold back tears? Hold your eyes wide open without blinking. This will prevent tears from forming.

33. Way to donate rice to 3rd world countries

Life Hacks: - You could donate rice to poor 3rd world countries by answering questions and playing games on FreeRice.Com.

34. Instant Diagnostics: Test-Driving Used Cars

Life Hacks: - Buying a used car? You'll instantly be able to tell if something is leaking if you do the test drive with defrost on high and hot.

35. Faking confidence: good or bad?

Life Hacks: - Faking confidence is the best way to boost your brain chemistry and eventually become more confident.

36. Tea for every ailment

Life Hacks: - A tea for every ailment:
Slow Metabolism: Green TeaSleepless Nights: Chamomile TeaCommon Cold: Elderflower TeaStressed: Lemon TeaNauseous: Ginger TeaBloated Peppermint Tea

37. Boost Performance with Self-Talk: How It Works

Life Hacks: - According to studies, talking to yourself by referencing to yourself as the second person, actually leads to increased behavioral performance, better task performance and more self-esteem.

38. Secrets for Keeping Garbage Bags in Place

Life Hacks: - The best way to keep garbage bags in place by using removable picture hooks.

39. Beat the Zeigarnik Effect: Finish Your Song

Life Hacks: - The next time you have an annoying song stuck in your head, sing it all the way to the end, as people tend to remember unfinished things according to the Zeigarnik effect.

40. Win Any Staring Contest in 10 Words.

Life Hacks: - You can easily win any staring contest by slowly going in for a kiss without breaking eye contact.

41. Make Pool Parties Wasp-Free with This Simple Trick

Life Hacks: - Wasps giving you trouble? Enjoy your backyard pool parties wasp-free this summer by filling a container with vinegar, salt, and sugar and placing them around the yard.

42. How to Make a DIY Paint Tray with a Handle

Life Hacks: - If you ever plan to paint your home, cut off the front of a gallon jug to make a handy paint tray with a handle.

43. Boost Metabolism With Green Tea Before Bed

Life Hacks: - Drinking green tea before bed increases your metabolism and will allow your body to burn calories while sleeping.

44. Simple Life Hack: Blowing on Your Thumb

Life Hacks: - When anxious about a presentation, speech, or first date, blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve linked to your thumb regulates heart rate, and this action restores it to normal.

45. Expand Your Shoes Overnight - Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Shoes a little too small? Fill a Ziploc bag with water, place it in your shoes, and then put them in the freezer overnight. They will expand by half a shoe size.

46. Smile for Better Pictures: Life Hacks

Life Hacks: - Next time you want a good picture try laughing for the camera so the picture looks more natural.

47. How coin reduces itching from a mosquito bite

Life Hacks: - The best remedy for a mosquito bite is to heat a coin, put it over the bite, and press, it so that the heat reduces the itch.

48. Maximize Cell Phone Signal in Renting: Tips & Tricks

Life Hacks: - Apartment Renting Tip: Always check your cell phone signal when looking for new apartments or dorms to live in.

49. Benefits of playing video games

Life Hacks: - According to research, playing video games increases creativity, enables more detailed sight, improves concentration and makes people happier.

50. Relationship between rose lasting time and its buds

Life Hacks: - When buying roses, choose the ones that are still closed and have tight buds, they will last up to 2 weeks.

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