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50 Life Hacks Make You Smatter In Any Situation

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As life becomes more demanding, it's important to have the necessary tools to make your daily routine easier and more efficient. From household chores to personal finance, there are simple life hacks that can make a significant difference in your life.

In this article, we will explore 50 life hacks to make you smarter in any situation.

1. Boost Creativity with Green: Life Hacks

Life Hacks 1 in General - Studies show that being surrounded by the color green tends to make a person more creative.

2. To make candles last longer

Life Hacks 2 in General - To make candles last longer, cover them with a plastic bag (like food) and place them in the freezer for 24 hours before lighting.

3. Sore Throat Remedy: Vinegar and Honey Cure

Life Hacks 3 in General - The best remedy for a sore throat is to mix 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey and take a tablespoon of this combination 6 times a day.

4. Reform a Ping Pong Ball with Hot Water!

Life Hacks 4 in General - Dent in a ping pong ball? Submerge the bag in hot water for 20 seconds and watch the ball reform shape! This happens because the gases inside expand due the heat.

5. Say Goodbye Comfortably: House Calls for Animal Euthanasia

Life Hacks 5 in General - If you have to put a loved animal to sleep, find a vet who will make a house call. The animal's last hour won't be spent in a place it hates.

6. Yawn to Catch Their Eye: Visually Contagious Life Hack

Life Hacks 6 in General - Suspect someone checking you out? Yawn. If they yawn back, they were probably looking at you. Yawning is visually contagious.

7. Mask Fumes with Vanilla Extract

Life Hacks 7 in General - Do you hate getting your house painted due to the smell? Next time, add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the paint before you start to mask the fumes while maintaining the quality of the paint.

8. Easy Life Hack: Use Elevators Without Stopping!

Life Hacks 8 in General - To skip floors in an elevator: hold close door, press floor button, and hold both until the elevator goes.

9. Park Your Car Out in the Sun? Try This!

Life Hacks 9 in General - Parking your car out in the sun? Turn the steering wheel 180 degrees. This way you won't burn your hands when you come back.

10. Beat Emergency Urges: Think Sex!

Life Hacks 10 in General - In case of an emergency, thinking about sex temporarily relieves you from the urge to pee

11. Get a Disney Character Wake-Up Call!

Life Hacks 11 in General - At Disney World, you can request a wake-up call from any Disney character!

12. Keep Your Pen's Cap: Life Hacks

Life Hacks 12 in General - When lending someone your pen keep the cap. No one accidentally keeps a pen without the cap.

13. Find Jeans That Fit: Tips & Tricks

Life Hacks 13 in General - Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a difficult task. You can see if jeans will fit without trying them on by placing the waistline around your neck.

14. How to Avoid Swearing and Talk to a Human Faster

Life Hacks 14 in General - A lot of automated answering systems are programmed to recognize swearing and in a couple of F-bombs can get you right to a human.

15. Gender Terms: The Difference Between 'Blonde', 'Brunette', 'Fiance' and 'Fiancee'

Life Hacks 15 in General - It is always a 'blond' man but a 'blonde' woman. A 'brunette' is always a woman but a 'brunet' could be both. Similarly, the term 'fiance' is used for a man and 'fiancee' for a woman.

16. Improve Productivity: Control + S Life Hack

Life Hacks 16 in General - Get in the habit of pressing Control + S every 5 minutes when working on something so you don't lose any important backups.

17. Experience Stargazing: Fill a Truck Bed with Pillows and Blankets

Life Hacks 17 in General - A must for anyone's Bucket List: Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive to the middle of nowhere to go stargazing.

18. How to look more smart and attractive by posing

Life Hacks 18 in General - Psychology shows tilting your head to the right makes you look more intelligent while doing the same pose with the chin slightly up makes you seem to be more attractive.

19. Escape Any Maze: A Life Hack Guide

Life Hacks 19 in General - You can get out of any physical or virtual maze by touching your hand to the right wall and keep walking.

20. Make Pool Parties Wasp-Free with This Simple Trick

Life Hacks 20 in General - Wasps giving you trouble? Enjoy your backyard pool parties wasp-free this summer by filling a container with vinegar, salt, and sugar and placing them around the yard.

21. Try a Temporary Tattoo Before Getting Inked!

Life Hacks 21 in General - can have your tattoo idea turned into a temporary tattoo so you can try it out before you get it on your body permanently.

22. Give Your Dog an Ice Cube for Fun & Refreshing!

Life Hacks 22 in General - Just got your dog back from a tiring walk? Try giving him an ice cube/ice chips instead of water. He'll get both, a cold drink as it melts and a fun toy to play with!

23. Life Hack: Call the Police First

Life Hacks 23 in General - The most essential thing at the time of an emergency is to call ring up your police and tell them your address first and then the issue. They immediately send police when they have an address.

24. Embarrassing Lies: Life Hacks

Life Hacks 24 in General - If you need a believable lie, you can just include an embarrassing detail. Nobody doubts stories that make you look dumb.

25. Hit More Green Lights: Speed Limit Tips

Life Hacks 25 in General - In an area with a lot of traffic lights? Go at exactly the speed limit to hit more green lights. Traffic signals are designed with that in mind.

26. Beat the Heat: Free Water at Restaurants

Life Hacks 26 in General - Running in the heat and thirsty? Just go a restaurant. Restaurants are required to give you free water!

27. Get Rid of Tailgaters with Windshield Wiper Fluid

Life Hacks 27 in General - Is someone tailgating you? Turn on your windshield wiper fluid and it'll fly back and squirt them.

28. How Truck Drivers Help Avoid Police Traps

Life Hacks 28 in General - Truck drivers are always communicating with each other on the road. If you see one slow down for no reason there's probably a cop ahead

29. Unlock Nature's Defrost: Face Your Car East in Winter

Life Hacks 29 in General - Face your car towards the east in the winter to have your windshield naturally defrosted every morning by the sun every morning.

30. Not sure whether to use Affect or Effect?

Life Hacks 30 in General - Not sure whether to use Affect or Effect? Use the R(AVEN) technique.

31. How to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Life Hacks 31 in General - Whenever you plan to purchase a used car, ensure the engine light goes on when you first start it up. A lot of people rip out the bulb so you don't know that the car needs repairs.

32. Banana Peel For Bruises: Quick and Easy Remedy

Life Hacks 32 in General - Decolorize those bruise marks! Hold a banana peel over it for 10 to 30 minutes

33. How to Make Your Tent Glow in the Dark: Camping Tips

Life Hacks 33 in General - Camping tip: Before going camping, put glow-in-the-dark paint on your tent, it will be bright and useful at night.

34. Fix a Wet Phone with Rice: Life Hack

Life Hacks 34 in General - Dropped your phone in the toilet? Take it out and put it in a zip-lock bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water. Don't use a blowdryer to remove the water!

35. Avoid a ticket: Know the light signals!

Life Hacks 35 in General - If someone flashes their lights, it means there is a cop ahead. If they flick their lights on and off it means your lights are off.

36. 7 Simple Life Hacks for Happiness

Life Hacks 36 in General - Trying to hold back tears? Hold your eyes wide open without blinking. This will prevent tears from forming.

37. What to do if your car is stuck in snow

Life Hacks 37 in General - If your car gets stuck in the snow this winter, put the floor mats under the tires for easy traction.

38. 5 Easy Ways to Get That Annoying Song Out of Your Head

Life Hacks 38 in General - One of the best ways to get an annoying song out of your head is by simply chewing a piece of gum.

39. Online Dating Safety Tips: Check Images Before Meeting!

Life Hacks 39 in General - Be safe when it comes to online dating. Drag dating profile images into Google Images to see if they used the same picture on Facebook or Twitter, and also if they even used an image of themselves!

40. Relationship between rose lasting time and its buds

Life Hacks 40 in General - When buying roses, choose the ones that are still closed and have tight buds, they will last up to 2 weeks.

41. Secure Your Expensive Items: Note Serial Numbers

Life Hacks 41 in General - Always note down the serial numbers of all of the expensive items you own so that it becomes much easier to prove that it's yours in case it gets stolen.

42. Clearing Out Your Garage

Life Hacks 42 in General - When you're cleaning out your garage, ask yourself if you would ever use this instead of saying you could possibly use it.

43. Look Thinner and Bigger On Camera: The Power of Color

Life Hacks 43 in General - Wonder what colours can do to the image? Wearing yellow on camera makes you look bigger and wearing green makes you look thinner

44. Buying shoes in the morning is better than in the evening

Life Hacks 44 in General - Should you go shopping for shoes in the morning or at night? Your feet may be 5-10% bigger at the end of the day than in the morning. That is why you shouldn't go shopping for shoes in the morning.

45. Start work at a new company

Life Hacks 45 in General - About to start work at a new company? On, you can read real reviews and find out what it's like to work there before you actually do.

46. Sharpening Knives with Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks 46 in General - The cheapest and easiest way to sharpen a knife is to cut them a few times through aluminum foils.

47. Packing for a trip and prevent lose things

Life Hacks 47 in General - Packing for a trip and cannot afford to lose things? Always make TWO copies of your packing lists. Use the second one to make sure you bring everything back

48. Prevent Drink Spillage with Salt: Life Hack

Life Hacks 48 in General - Sprinkle salt on a napkin before putting a drink on it to prevent the drink from sticking.

49. 4 Seconds to Stress-Free Driving

Life Hacks 49 in General - When a green light changes to yellow count to four in your head. It will turn red on four.

50. Secrets of Intelligent Late-Night Dreamers

Life Hacks 50 in General - While people who stay up late are likely to be more intelligent, they are also more likely to have vivid nightmares.

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