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50 Life Hacks for Enjoy Drinking Without the Hangover

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Drinking can be a fun way to socialize and unwind, but the dreaded hangover can quickly put a damper on the festivities. Luckily, there are many life hacks that can help you enjoy your drinks without the negative side effects.

From hydration tips to hangover remedies, these 50 life hacks can help you drink responsibly and wake up feeling refreshed.

1. How to drink with boss

Life Hacks - When you're at a work function always make sure to stay one drink behind your boss.

2. Beat Hangovers: Choose Lighter Liquors

Life Hacks - Wondering how hungover you are going to be? In general, the less darker a liquor is, the less likely you are to get a hangover from it

3. Boost Blood Sugar and Beat Hangovers: Life Hack

Life Hacks - Woke up early after last night's drinking? It may be because your blood sugar is low. A slice of bread or peanut butter can solve this

4. Drink coffee with vodka

Life Hacks - Make a holiday drink! Make coffee and freeze it into ice cubes. Toss the ice cubes into a cup with vanilla vodka.

5. Bring Back the Bubbles: How to Revive Champagne's Fizz

Life Hacks - Champagne flat or lost its bubbly-ness? Drop a raisin in and watch the bubbles magically return.

6. Beat Hangovers Without Ibuprofen/Aspirin

Life Hacks - Never ever take ibuprofen/aspirin to cure a hangover. On an empty stomach it can actually tear your stomach lining.

7. Remove Red Wine Stains with White Wine

Life Hacks - Struggling to get a red wine stain off? White wine can do the job!

8. Get Drunk and Snack with Vodka-Infused Candy!

Life Hacks - Put candy in a container filled with vodka and mix it. Wait a day, and get drunk while eating snacks!

9. Unlock Your Creativity: Alcohol and Writing

Life Hacks - Want your creativity juices to flow while writing? Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol before writing helps.

10. Add Extra Flavor to Drinks with Lollipops

Life Hacks - Use lollipops to stir mixed drinks to give them extra flavor.

11. Ring your phone on demand

Life Hacks - Fake Call is an app that stops you from being drunk by dialing or texting for a specific period of time.

12. Prevent Hangovers: Water Is Key

Life Hacks - Here's how you can effectively prevent a hangover! Drinking water between alcoholic drinks is much more effective in doing so than just drinking lots of water before sleeping

13. 7 Life Hacks for Wet, Cold Handshakes

Life Hacks - Avoid shaking hands when it's wet or cold. Always hold your drink in your left hand at social events.

14. Cheap Booze: Avoid Hangovers with These Tips

Life Hacks - Cheap booze gives you more of a hangover due to the presence of higher congeners, which are responsible for hangovers.

15. Hangover Cures That Actually Work

Life Hacks - Hangover Cures That Actually Work:
Drink Lots of Water to Replenish Lost FluidsGuzzle Sports Drinks to Rehydrate Even FasterBoost Your Blood Sugar With Carbohydrates (sweet things like cakes)Protect Your Liver By Pregaming With AsparagusPush Yourself to Sweat Away Your Hangover Symptoms

16. Drink alcohol moderately to have 40% less chance of Type 2 diabetes

Life Hacks - People consuming alcohol moderately, meeting at least 3 of 4 conditions of a healthy lifestyle have 40% less chance of developing Type 2 diabetes than those who abstained from alcohol completely.

17. Adult Easter Egg Hunt: Find Liquor Filled Eggs for a Boozy Good Time!

Life Hacks - Easter egg hunt for adults: Fill plastic easter eggs with mini travel bottles of liquor. Find the eggs. Get drunk!

18. Get drunk but avoid the hangover

Life Hacks - Want to get drunk but avoid the hangover? Drink a glass of water for every drink you have.

19. Reduce your dizziness after drinking alcohol

Life Hacks - Feeling dizzy in bed from drinking too much?
Put one of your legs on the ground. It will make your body feel more stable and reduce your dizziness.

20. Make Wine Taste Better - Easy Life Hack

Life Hacks - You can make your cheap wine taste better by putting it in a blender for 20 seconds to get it more aerated.

21. Avoid DUI: Remove Keys from Ignition

Life Hacks - If you're ever drunk and need to sleep in your car take the keys out of the ignition. Its a DUI if they are still in there.

22. Quick way to compare quality of wine

Life Hacks - Looking for a good quality wine in 2 bottles of the same wine?
The heavier the bottle of wine is, the better quality it is.

23. The Perfect Ice Cube for Your Drink

Life Hacks - Have ice cubes ever watered down your drink too much? Next time, make the ice cubes out of the same liquid as the drink.

24. Cool down wine without watering it down

Life Hacks - Freeze grapes and use them to cool down wine without watering it down.

25. Get Free Alcohol at a Party: 4 Simple Tips

Life Hacks - Four words to get free alcohol at a party:" I've never been drunk."

26. How do you survive being stuck in quicksand

Life Hacks - If you ever get stuck in quicksand, raise your legs slowly and lay on your back to prevent yourself from sinking.

27. Reinvent Your Drinks with Kool-Aid Ice Cubes

Life Hacks - Experience flavour change as you drink your drink - Put 3 different Kool-aid ice cubes in a drink, add sprite and one or two shots of Vodka.

28. Hangover Cure: Honey on Crackers

Life Hacks - Bad hangover? Try honey on crackers as the fructose in honey flushes the alcohol out of your system.

29. Beat Hangover with an Apple - Life Hack

Life Hacks - Killer hangover? An apple is a very effective hangover cure and also reduces alcohol cravings and withdrawal side effects.a

30. The perfect hangover breakfast

Life Hacks - The perfect hangover breakfast:
Bananas - Contain potassium, which balances your blood salt levels. Water - For hydration. Salted Crackers - The sodium helps your body retain water. Multivitamins - Replenishes your body's nutrients.

31. The Perfect Cinnamon Bun: Cream Soda & Fireball Whisky

Life Hacks - Cream Soda + Fireball Whisky tastes exactly like a cinnamon bun!

32. Beat Hangovers with Color - Life Hacks

Life Hacks - Want to know how hungover you are about to be? Just check the colour of your drink. The darker it is, the worse the hangover will be.

33. Mix Mountain Dew and Whiskey - The Perfect Combination!

Life Hacks - Are you a great fan of Mountain Dew and Whiskey? Try mixing them - Mountain Dew was originally made to be mixed with it!

34. How to easily remove a wine bottle label

Life Hacks - Easily remove a wine bottle label by:
Fill a sink with high temperature - water.Fill the wine bottle with hot water and drop them into the sink.Add 1/2 cup baking powder, 1 TBSP dish soap and 2 cups white vinegar.The sink will get fizzy for a couple of seconds and the wine labels will fall right off!

35. Estimate how drunk you are

Life Hacks - An Android app (BAC Alcohol Calculator) can tell you exactly how drunk you are after entering your weight and type of beverage

36. Boost Morning Energy with Peanut Butter

Life Hacks - You tend to wake up early even after a night of drinking because of low blood sugar. A slice of bread with peanut butter solves this problem.

37. 5 Ways to Stop Drunk Vomiting Instantly

Life Hacks - Taking short rapid breaths can help prevent the sudden urge to vomit when drunk.

38. Mixing alcohol for drunk faster

Life Hacks - When you mix alcohol with diet coke, it will get you significantly more drunk than mixing it with regular coke

39. Money Dropped at Bars: Simple Life Hack

Life Hacks - Always take a look at the floor near the bar. Drunk people always drop their money!

40. Most effective way but delicious to remove hangovers

Life Hacks - The most effective and delicious way to get rid of a hangover is drinking a glass of banana milkshake.

41. Get drunk from gummy bears

Life Hacks - How to get drunk from gummy bears:
Fill a bowl with gummy bears. Add alcohol. Place in fridge for 1 hour. Gummy bears will absorb the alcohol. Eat the gummy bears. Get drunk.

42. Improve Your High: Eat a Mango Before Smoking Marijuana!

Life Hacks - Want to heighten the effects of smoking marijuana? Eating mangoes before doing so helps!

43. Red SOLO cup lines are measurements

Life Hacks - The lines on a Solo Cup are marks for alcohol/drink measurement.

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