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50 Money Life Hacks Make You Wealthier

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Saving money and increasing your wealth can seem like a daunting task, but there are many simple life hacks that can help you achieve your financial goals.

From budgeting tips to investing strategies, these 50 money life hacks can help you save money, make more money, and become wealthier.

1. 5 things you should know before you fly

Life Hacks 1 in Money - 5 things you should know before you fly:
6-8 weeks out is the best time to buy. Buy tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday and fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sunday is usually the most expensive day to fly. Prices change up to 3 times per day. Discount ticket sales are typically offered at the beginning of the week.

2. Sleep in Your Car Overnight

Life Hacks 2 in Money - Can't pay for a hotel when you're on your road trip? There are few places you can legally sleep in your card and park overnight.
Walmart Parking LotsCasino Parking LotsWelcome/Information Center’sReligious Buildings

3. Travel the World with WWOOF: A Life Hack

Life Hacks 3 in Money - WWOOF is an organization that allows you to travel the world with food/accommodations covered in exchange for volunteer work.

4. Get Amazon Prime Free for 6 Months With an .edu Account

Life Hacks 4 in Money - You can use an .edu account to use Amazon Prime for free for six months.

5. Double Your Battery Life: Storing Batteries in the Freezer

Life Hacks 5 in Money - Storing batteries in the freezer can double their lifespan.

6. Get Office Apps for Free - Google Docs & Sheets

Life Hacks 6 in Money - Why pay for something when you can get it for free! Use Google Docs and Sheets instead of Microsoft Word & Excel and you'll have not only the same for free, but have more features too!

7. Get Free Stuff by Complaining to Big Companies!

Life Hacks 7 in Money - Write emails to big companies & say you usually buy their product but recently it was unsatisfactory. Free stuff will roll in!

8. Smart Grocery Shopping: How to Avoid Impulse Buys

Life Hacks 8 in Money - Go to the grocery store on a full stomach. On an empty stomach, you'll end up buying many things you don't actually need

9. Maximize Fuel Efficiency: Halfway Trigger Trick

Life Hacks 9 in Money - Want more gas and less air in your car tank? When filling up your car with gas, hold the trigger halfway.

10. Life Hack: Freshen Your Home with Bounce!

Life Hacks 10 in Money - If you ever run out of air freshener, put a bounce dryer sheet in an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and spray it around your house.

11. Cheapest Shopping Deals on Top and Bottom Shelves

Life Hacks 11 in Money - During sale season when shopping, the cheapest items are placed on the top and the bottom shelves; not at eye level

12. Rare 1955 Pennies Worth Up to $20,000 Each!

Life Hacks 12 in Money - Roughly 20,000 pennies from the year 1955 were stuck with doubled obverse lettering. They are now worth up to $20,000 each!

13. Unlock Free Air at Shell: 3 Easy Steps!

Life Hacks 13 in Money - Tyre air pumps will start without having to insert coins at Shell gas stations! Just press the button on the side of the air pump three times

14. Sharing stuff for free

Life Hacks 14 in Money - is a site similar to Craigslist except its people giving stuff away for free!

15. Get pizza coupons

Life Hacks 15 in Money - On you can get pizza coupons and specials for Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John's and more at your locations.

16. Earn $15,000 From NASA: Bed Rest Study

Life Hacks 16 in Money - Here's how you can earn from NASA! They will pay anyone $15000 who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days to research the effect of zero gravity

17. Unlock Free Popcorn & Rewards with Cinemark App!

Life Hacks 17 in Money - The Cinemark app will give you free popcorn vouchers and other rewards if you can keep your phone silent and screen dimmed during the movie.

18. Get Your Gift Card Balance in Cash: Life Hack

Life Hacks 18 in Money - If you have a gift card with less than $10 on it, the business is legally required to give you the rest of your balance in cash if you ask.

19. Get Fit Without a Gym Membership!

Life Hacks 19 in Money - You don't need a gym membership to stay fit! Use this routine for a full body workout: 20 sit ups,15 push ups, 20 arm circles, 30 calf raises, 30-second plank, 15 frog jumps, 20 squats, and a 20-second wall sit.

20. Unlock the Secret of Target Prices: 8 & 4!

Life Hacks 20 in Money - Next time you shop at Target remember that if the price ends in 8 it will be marked down again soon but if it ends in 4 it's the lowest it will ever be.

21. Get Free Pizza for Life: The Sbarros Survey Trick

Life Hacks 21 in Money - Free pizza for life? The back of the Sbarros pizza has a survey which when completed gives you a code for a free slice of pizza. The receipts always repeat their offer.

22. Discover National Museum Day - Free Entry to America's Museums!

Life Hacks 22 in Money - In America, you can get into any museum for free on September 28th, which happens to be the National Museum day

23. 10 Easy Life Hacks to Maximize your Money

Life Hacks 23 in Money - When you're thinking about buying something you don't necessarily need, imagine the item in one hand and the cash in the other. Which one would you take?

24. Get Paid to Exercise: Pact App Review

Life Hacks 24 in Money - Need more motivation to exercise? The app Pact creates a community of fellow users that will literally pay you to stick to your workout schedule.

25. Replace Your Shoes with Payless: Unconditional Guarantees!

Life Hacks 25 in Money - Why you should buy shoes from Payless : They replace any shoes you buy from there if they fall apart or break, regardless of how long you've had them or what you've put them through!

26. On a strict budget and cannot afford expensive gifts?

Life Hacks 26 in Money - On a strict budget and cannot afford expensive gifts? On, you can buy super cool gifts and gadgets for dirt cheap rates

27. Waterproof Your Phone with Liquipel for $60

Life Hacks 27 in Money - Liquipel is a company which will waterproof your phone both inside and out for $60.

28. Surprise Yourself with Diamond Candles!

Life Hacks 28 in Money - Surprise yourself! sells candles that after a long time of burning reveal a ring valuing either 10 100 1000 or 5000 dollars!

29. Save Money: Unlock Your Car with a Towing Company

Life Hacks 29 in Money - Lock your keys in your car? Call a towing company instead of a locksmith. They are faster and will unlock your car for a cheaper price.

30. Save 25% on Papa John's Pizza Order Online with Code 25OFF!

Life Hacks 30 in Money - The code 25OFF gives you a 25% discount on your Papa John's Pizza when your order online.

31. Get Good Discounts on Craigslist - Here's How!

Life Hacks 31 in Money - Here's how you can get good discounts on Craigslist! Use a fake email to lowball the seller by a lot, then on your regular email, offer a reasonable (& lower!) price

32. A discount on a second movie on Redbox

Life Hacks 32 in Money - On Redbox, if you put 2 movies in your cart and then remove one to check out, an offer will come up for a discount on a second movie.

33. Cheap Flight Tickets: Get the Best Deals 54 Days Ahead

Life Hacks 33 in Money - On average flight tickets are the absolute cheapest 54 days before the flight.

34. Double Scoop Ice Cream: How to Get Bigger Portions for Less

Life Hacks 34 in Money - When ordering ice cream always ask for a single scoop and order a second scoop after they serve. This forces them into matching the size of the initial scoop which is always much bigger.

35. Shaving Legs with Hair Conditioner - A Cheap Alternative!

Life Hacks 35 in Money - Girls: Use your hair conditioner to shave your legs. It's a lot cheaper than shaving cream and leaves your legs really smooth.

36. Drink Water: The Key to Healthy Eating and Saving Money

Life Hacks 36 in Money - Your brain often tricks you into thinking you're hungry due to chronic dehydration. Do you want to eat more healthy and save money on food? The solution is simple, drink more water.

37. Get Free Coffee with Starbucks Returns

Life Hacks 37 in Money - If you buy a bag of Starbucks coffee and return the bag when empty, they will give you a free 12 oz coffee.

38. Send Candy By Mail: A Life Hack Explained

Life Hacks 38 in Money - If a box of candy is under 13 oz you can simply put a stamp and an address on it and it will go through the mail.

39. Find Cheapest Airline Tickets: Incognito Mode

Life Hacks 39 in Money - If the site has been visited multiple times, prices go up. Using your browser's incognito mode will increase your chances of finding the cheapest airline tickets online

40. Save Money on Utility Bills: Use a Brick!

Life Hacks 40 in Money - Want to save money on your Utility bills? Put a brick in your top toilet tank to save water.

41. Get Professional Photos with a Bathtub Backdrop

Life Hacks 41 in Money - Use your bathtub as a white backdrop to get a more professional photo while selling an item online.

42. Get the Best Service in Restaurants: Wear a Yelp Shirt!

Life Hacks 42 in Money - In the USA? Wearing a Yelp shirt inside restaurants ensures you get the best service.

43. Get a Free Starbucks Coffee on Your Birthday!

Life Hacks 43 in Money - You're eligible for a free coffee from Starbucks if it's your birthday!

44. Find the Best Deals on a Mattress in Springtime

Life Hacks 44 in Money - The best time to buy a mattress is in the middle of the springtime. That is when stores are extremely slow and have the best deals.

45. Save Money on Gym Memberships with Health Insurance

Life Hacks 45 in Money - Buying a gym membership? Most times your health insurance company will completely reimburse the cost for you.

46. Get paid to become a dog-sitter

Life Hacks 46 in Money - You could get paid to become a dog-sitter if you sign yourself up on

47. Save Money for your Next Car: Life Hack

Life Hacks 47 in Money - Even if your car is paid off, keep making payments into a savings account to cover maintenance repairs and your next car.

48. Get a Free Coffee at Starbucks in the US

Life Hacks 48 in Money - To get a free coffee at Starbucks in the US, tell the cashier you're visiting from Canada. They'll give you a small coffee for free as a part of their program to get Canadians to switch over from Tim Hortons.

49. Maximize Gas Mileage: Hold the Trigger

Life Hacks 49 in Money - When filling your car with gas hold the trigger halfway. You'll get more gas and less air in the tank

50. Light Up Your Room with Glow Stick Fans!

Life Hacks 50 in Money - Tape glow sticks to your ceiling fan for a unique and colorful way to light up your room!

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