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50 Cool Life Hacks Useful for The Rest of Your Life

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Do you ever feel like you could be doing things more efficiently? Or wish that you knew a few more tricks to make life easier?

Well, you're in luck! We've compiled a list of 50 cool life hacks that are not only clever and creative but are also incredibly useful for every day.

From organization and productivity to cooking and cleaning, these hacks will help you save time, money, and energy in all areas of your life.

1. Get Rid of Flies: Use Windows Light

Life Hacks - Trying to get rid of flies from your house? Use the bright light from the windows to guide them out

2. Navigate Like a Pro: Pizza Delivery Routes

Life Hacks - Pizza delivery place always know their way around town. So, skip stopping at gas stations to ask for directions

3. Olive Oil Shaving: Smoother, Easier & Better!

Life Hacks - Looking for an alternative to using shaving cream? Use olive oil. It works just as good if not better - except you may not smell so good after the shave

4. Iron With Your Dryer: A Life Hack

Life Hacks - Turn your dryer into an ironing board by throwing your wrinkled clothes into it with a wet sock

5. Beach Ready: Secure Your Money and Keys

Life Hacks - Want your items to be beach ready? Clear out an old lotion bottle and put your money and keys in it for safekeeping.

6. How to Keep Buttons From Unraveling: Nail Polish Hack

Life Hacks - You could prevent the threads of a button from unraveling by coating clear nail polish over it.

7. Pack Breakables Safely with Towels and Rags

Life Hacks - The next time you move, use your towels and dish rags to wrap your breakables. This keeps it safe and makes more space.

8. Keep Your Zipper Up: Simple Life Hack

Life Hacks - Looking for simple ways to keep your zipper up? Flip it to the down position and this locks the zipper!

9. Make Disposal Cleaner: Use Newspaper

Life Hacks - Here's how you can make your disposal much cleaner! Put an old newspaper at the bottom of your trash can and it will absorb any food juice

10. Stop Door Squeaks Instantly!

Life Hacks - Have a really squeaky door? Lifting up on the door handle while opening or closing will often keep it from squeaking and waking people up

11. Make you feel more sleepy

Life Hacks - Having trouble sleeping? Looking at photos of other people sleeping triggers a response in your brain that can make you feel more tired. Try it!

12. Laugh Away Tiredness on Long Night Drives

Life Hacks - In for a long drive at night? Listen to comedians while driving - it is impossible to fall asleep while laughing!

13. Power Outages? Freeze Water for Fridge Cold!

Life Hacks - If you live in an area prone to power cuts, fill your freezer with soda bottles full of water to keep your fridge cold.

14. 8 Simple Presentation Hacks for Success

Life Hacks - Every time you give a presentation, always bring a bottle of water with you on stage as you could take a drink when you don't know what to say.

15. Time Management: Create Your Playlist Now!

Life Hacks - Is time management driving you crazy? Create a playlist of songs which plays for the same time it takes you to get ready. This lets you pick up your pace when the final song plays.

16. Maximize Professionalism: Match Shoes and Belt

Life Hacks - Always ensure that the colour of your shoes matches your belt as well for a more refined and professional appearance.

17. Managing Kids Like Tiny Drunk People

Life Hacks - Kids become more manageable if you consider them as a tiny drunk people.

18. Get rid of fruit flies

Life Hacks - To can get rid of fruit flies once and for all by:
Turn off all your lights except one and wait for them to congregate there Trap them with a closed container. Let them out in your garden.

19. Proof Your Packages: How to Protect Against Damage

Life Hacks - While receiving expensive packages, record yourself opening them as proof in case your item arrives damaged.

20. 5 Clever Life Hacks for Parents

Life Hacks - The next time you don't want to share your dessert or snack with your kids, just tell them that there's alcohol in it.

21. How To Keep Jewelry Safe: Use Chalk!

Life Hacks - Prevent your jewelry from getting tarnished by putting chalk pieces in the box to absorb moisture.

22. Remember Names Easily: Ask for Full Names

Life Hacks - Ran into someone and forgot their name? Ask for their full name instead to make them think you wanted their last name.

23. Avoid Rear-End Accidents: Left-Turn Tips

Life Hacks - While making a left turn, don't turn your front wheels till your car is in motion as getting rear-ended could push you into the oncoming lane.

24. 10 Healthy Foods To Try Now

Life Hacks - The healthiest foods on the planet include avocados, raspberries, almonds, broccoli, spinach, and salmon.

25. Say their name back

Life Hacks - When someone introduces themselves to you say their name back to them. You're much more likely to remember it the next time you meet.

26. Develop Verbal Skills Instantly with TV & YouTube Subtitles

Life Hacks - Subtitles on TV and YouTube often repeat the same words over and over again which subconsciously helps to develop your verbal and spelling skills, without you even trying!

27. Revive Old Nail Polish with Remover

Life Hacks - Have a bunch of old dried up nail polish bottles? Add a drop or two of nail polish remover and shake it up. Good as new!

28. Want a nice haircut?

Life Hacks - Go to your favorite salon in the morning or soon after it opens.
Your stylist would be fresh and more creative, and also, as you already know "first customers are always more dear"!

29. Kill Ants Naturally with Clothes Conditioner

Life Hacks - Kill ants without leaving your house smelling like poison using any clothes conditioner.

30. Pain Relief Through Sight: Avoid Looking at the Wound

Life Hacks - Sight influences pain. Avoid looking at the wound, next time you stub your toe or get a cut

31. 15-Minute Life Hack: Rub Batteries Together!

Life Hacks - If your calculator runs out of batteries in the middle of an exam rubbing the ends of the batteries together can give you an extra 15 mins.

32. Fresh and Nice: Life Hacks for Smelling Clothes

Life Hacks - Keeping a bar of unopened soap in the drawers where you keep your clothes makes them smell extra fresh and nice!

33. Cleaning Copper Pots with Ketchup: Life Hack Tips

Life Hacks - The acid in the ketchup removes tarnish and brings out the shine in utensils making it very efficient to clean copper pots and pans.

34. Make Minions Your Halloween Decor!

Life Hacks - Who doesn't find minions cute? Make them your cool Halloween decorations

35. Prevent Soda Explosions with Tapping

Life Hacks - Soda been shaken up? Tapping the lid does nothing. Tapping the side prevents bubble buildup and soda explosion!

36. Boost Your Mood: Do Something Kind!

Life Hacks - Feeling sad? Do something nice for someone and watch your spirits lift. It really does help seeing someone smile!

37. How to kill ants instantly

Life Hacks - Febreze is an odourless product that is effectively used to kill ants instantly.

38. Wake Up Easier with Same Alarm Tone as Ringtone

Life Hacks - Your alarm will be more effective at waking you up in the morning if it's the same tone as your ringtone.

39. Eliminate Static Cling with Hairbrush and Dryer Sheets

Life Hacks - You could get rid of the static cling while you brush your hair by placing a dryer sheet over the hairbrush.

40. Shower with Eucalyptus - Unlock Natural Fragrance and Benefits!

Life Hacks - Hanging eucalyptus around your shower head makes the steam release amazing fragrances and beneficial oils every time you shower.

41. Eliminate Fishy Odors: Use Toothpaste!

Life Hacks - If you can't get that disgusting fishy smell off your hands, wash them with toothpaste. Works like a charm!

42. Calculate a 20% Tip Quickly

Life Hacks - Shortcut to figure out a 20% tip: 1. Take the total (35.54) 2. Move the decimal over by 1 place (3.55) 3. Double it ($7.10) and tip it.

43. Deodorize Shoes with Dryer Sheets!

Life Hacks - Smelly shoes? Placing a dryer sheet under the sole of your shoe makes it an incredibly effective shoe deodorizer.

44. Benefits of drying clothes under the sunlight

Life Hacks - Clothes that are dried directly under the sun smell better because the sunlight breaks down compounds that cause any kind of odour.

45. Unshrink your clothes

Life Hacks - Unshrink your clothes: soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes!

46. The Ultimate Grocery Shopping Hack

Life Hacks - To remember what to buy at the grocery store, having a picture of your fridge on your phone will reduce your struggle

47. Eliminate Static Cling In Seconds!

Life Hacks - Want to get rid of static cling from your shirt/sweater right away? Put a safety pin in it. The static cling will instantly go away!

48. Maximise Your Wardrobe Space - Stack Clothes Vertically

Life Hacks - Stack your clothes vertically to find your favorite shirts easily.

49. Meet someone for the first time

Life Hacks - When you meet someone for the first time, as what they like to do instead of asking what they have done to spark a great conversation.

50. 3 Simple Steps to Static-Free Clothes

Life Hacks - Get static free clothes by taking two tin foils and throwing them into the dryer.

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