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50 Life Hacks Make You More Loved In Relationship

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Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship takes effort and dedication, but sometimes it's the small things that can make the biggest impact.

From communication tips to thoughtful gestures, these 50 life hacks can help you become more loved in your relationship and strengthen your bond with your partner.

1. Be Mature in Relationships

Life Hacks: - If you think don't have to do nice things for your girl, you're probably too immature for a relationship.

2. How to avoid being silent on a date

Life Hacks: - Avoid awkward silences on a date. To have something to talk about, instead of having dinner and then seeing a movie, go to the movie first and the dinner later.

3. Give Your Kids a Head Start

Life Hacks: - Set up your kids email address, start sending them memories, and give them access to their email when they turn 18.

4. Be Impressive: Stand Tall for a Better First Impression

Life Hacks: - Before he even speaks the way a man stands (slouching or not) accounts for 80% of a woman's first impression. Slouching is a big no-no.

5. How to Tell How Much You Like Someone

Life Hacks: - You can gauge how much you're into someone by how strong the urge is to check your phone when you're with them.

6. 75% Higher Chance of Lasting: 10-Minute Laughter Cure

Life Hacks: - If you laugh together for 10 minutes a day, your relationship has a 75% higher chance of lasting.

7. Unlock the Secret of Eye Contact: 45% Pupil Expansion

Life Hacks: - An expansion of people's pupils by 45% indicates their love interest at the time of eye contact. That's how you discover if someone has romantic feelings for you.

8. Smile for the Camera: Easy Life Hack for Perfect Pictures

Life Hacks: - Wish to look photogenic in every single picture? Think of someone you like/love the moment before you get your picture taken. Perfect natural smiles every time!

9. Don't Date Nice: How Others are Treated Matters

Life Hacks: - When someone wants to date you they will treat you nice. That doesn't mean they are nice. Look how they treat others - that is how they will treat you eventually.

10. The Best Marriage: Becoming Friends First

Life Hacks: - Often, the best marriages start as friendships. In fact, people who say their spouse is their best friend have the highest levels of happiness.

11. Boost Confidence: Compliment Abilities, Not Appearance

Life Hacks: - Women are more likely to be receptive to you if you compliment their abilities more than their appearance.

12. How to know spouse treats you in future

Life Hacks: - When looking for a life partner, look at how he treats his mother or how she treats her father. It will somehow show how they will treat you in the coming years.

13. Crush on You in High School? They Likely Still Do!

Life Hacks: - If someone tells you they had a crush on you in highschool they usually still do.

14. Boost Your Relationship: Laugh Together For 10 Minutes Daily

Life Hacks: - A relationship has a 75% higher chance of lasting if the couple laughs together for at least 10 minutes a day.

15. 7 Tips for a Lasting Relationship: Pay Attention to Family Dynamics

Life Hacks: - Pay attention to how your significant other treats their family, that's how they will eventually treat you.

16. Thinking of getting married to someone

Life Hacks: - Thinking of getting married to someone? Make them use a phone with super-slow internet access to see who they really are.

17. Unlock The Power of Eye Contact: Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Fall in love with someone's eyes. It's the one thing that never changes.

18. Scent of Attraction: How Smell Subconsciously Influences Women

Life Hacks: - The odor of a man is more influential in attracting a woman subconsciously.

19. Relieving Pain with a Hand to Hold

Life Hacks: - Holding hands triggers the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone" or "bonding hormone." Oxytocin is associated with feelings of trust, bonding, and reduced stress levels.

20. How lack of sleep leads to unethical behavior

Life Hacks: - Studies show a lack of sleep directly relates to a person's tendency to lie, cheat, and steal.

21. Strengthen Relationships with Dance

Life Hacks: - Studies have shown that dancing has been known to improve relationships. It can strengthen the couples bond and relieve emotional tension

22. Boost Attraction: Wear Red!

Life Hacks: - Wearing a red shirt makes women find you more attractive. Many studies have shown that women are culturally and biologically attracted to men wearing red.

23. Boost Your Relationship: Try the Super Mad Method!

Life Hacks: - If your significant other is mad at you, put a cape on them and say "Now you're super mad!" If they laugh, marry them.

24. How to know a guy liking you through his voice

Life Hacks: - If you want to know whether this guy is into you or not, pay attention to his voice. Men tend to lower their voices when they are talking to someone they are interested in.

25. How to remain a happy relationship

Life Hacks: - The key to having a happy relationship is for you and your partner to believe the relationship is 60/40, not 50/50. Both should give more and expect less.

26. Having Fun on Dates: Avoid Disappointment

Life Hacks: - Approach a date with the expectation to have fun not to fall in love. Setting unrealistic expectations will always result in disappointment.

27. Maximize Attraction: Date Night with a Horror Film

Life Hacks: - When going on a date to the movies, go to a horror film. Elevated heart rate and adrenaline are strongly tied to sexual attraction.

28. Going through a bad breakup?

Life Hacks: - Going through a bad breakup?
Make yourself an emergency sadness kit. A teddy, your favorite candy, tissue paper, ice cream supplies, and your iPod.

29. What do different colored roses mean?

Life Hacks: - What do different colored roses mean?
Red=LoveYellow=Friendship, Dark Pink=Gratitude Orange=DesirePeach=AppreciationWhite=Purity

30. Why Women Love Men With a Sense of Humor

Life Hacks: - Humor is associated with intelligence and honesty. This is why women tend to be more attracted to men with a sense of humor.

31. Going through a breakup?

Life Hacks: - Going through a breakup? Change your text and ringtone sound. Your brain ties a lot of memories to sound.

32. Laugh Away Arguments with Clown Noses

Life Hacks: - Make a pact that if you and your significant other have an argument, you have to wear clown noses. If you can't continue the argument without laughing, the argument isn't worth having.

33. Should we marry our best friend

Life Hacks: - Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 70%. These marriages are more likely to last a lifetime.

34. Which day is the best for first date?

Life Hacks: - A recent study showed that Wednesday is the best day to go out on a first date. Click on the source to learn more!

35. Check eye color for instant charisma

Life Hacks: - Extended eye contact enhances charm, as per science. To apply this, notice someone's eye color during introductions.

36. Warm your hands for a better first impression

Life Hacks: - Create a strong first impression by rubbing your hands together before meeting someone important. This warms and dries your palm, setting the stage for an impressive encounter.

37. Look at people's feet to assess their interest.

Life Hacks: - To find out if someone is genuinely enjoying talking to you, just look at their feet.
If they're pointed toward you, they are enjoying the story.
If they're pointed away, their mind is probably elsewhere.

38. Make an unrealistically large request first

Life Hacks: - For certain scenarios, begin with an overly large request. The other person will likely decline, feeling somewhat guilty. This primes them to agree when you present your actual request.

39. Don't Stop Believing In Yourself

Life Hacks: - Love yourself, believe yourself, and don't stop. Because loving yourself indicates that we are accepting ourselves as we are.

40. Want Honest Answers from People

Life Hacks: - When someone avoids your question, pause and maintain eye contact. This subtly implies that you're aware of the truth, making them uneasy and prompting them to share their thoughts.

41. Use a personal note before leave

Life Hacks: - When you leave the house before your lover wakes up. Leave a note for your roommate to let them start their day with joy.

42. Want Everyone to Say Yes to You

Life Hacks: - Always start your request with the phrase "I Need Your Help".
By starting off your request with that phrase, you’re more likely to receive help.

43. Want to hijack someone’s Attention

Life Hacks: - Whenever you want someone's full attention, start looking straight into their eyes and use their name throughout the conversation.

44. Creative Talking Idea: Play a Game

Life Hacks: - Engage in light-hearted games like "I Spy," where you take turns describing things you see, or create a fun scavenger hunt with items you might come across during the walk.

45. The secret to being a great conversationalist

Life Hacks: - The secret to being a great conversationalist is really simple: to be more interested in talking about the other person than in talking about yourself. Ask open-ended questions about what interests them and why, where, when, how,... And suddenly, you are the best conversationalist in the room.

46. Communication: The Key to Relationship Success

Life Hacks: - Lack of communication can kill a great relationship.

47. Benefits of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Life Hacks: - Sleeping next to a loved one helps you fall asleep faster. Reduces depression and anxiety and can also help you live longer!

48. Values In a Relationship Are What Make It Last

Life Hacks: - Marry someone with similar values and priorities to you, those become important later in life as you begin to have to make tradeoffs with time and money.

49. What eye trick makes someone fall in love?

Life Hacks: - To make someone fall in love with you, first, look in the person's left eye for 1 second, then switch your gaze to their lips for 1.5 to 2 seconds. Finally, look in their right eye, completing a triangle.

50. Kissing Helps Us Find The Right Partner

Life Hacks: - Kissing helps us choose who we will love. It is a big player in maintaining long-lasting love. If your partner is a good kisser in your opinion, you may be more likely to be happy in the relationship.

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