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50 Life Hacks for Elevate Your Nutrition

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Eating healthy can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, it can also be enjoyable and sustainable.

From grocery shopping to meal planning and preparation, these 50 life hacks will help you elevate your nutrition and reach your health and wellness goals.

1. The Perfect Summer Refresher: Blended Sweetened Passion Tea Lemonade

Life Hacks: - The next time you go to Starbucks, order a blended sweetened passion tea lemonade to get the perfect summer drink.

2. The Power of Honey: The Best Cough Syrup Available.

Life Hacks: - The most effective cough syrup that exists is honey!

3. Make Mini Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches in an Hour!

Life Hacks: - Soak your Oreos in milk and lay them on wax paper in the freezer. In an hour, each one is now a mini ice cream sandwich!

4. Combine your fridge to cook

Life Hacks: - By surfing, you put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you the dishes you can make with them.

5. Brain Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

Life Hacks: - Eating grapes improves your brain's ability to process new information.

6. Tips for Perfect Scrambled Eggs: Add Salt After Cooking

Life Hacks: - Scrambled eggs taste best when the salt is added only after the eggs are fully cooked.

7. How to Avoid Too Much Salt: Use a Potato!

Life Hacks: - Ever ruined an entire dish because of too much salt? Next time just drop in a peeled potato while it's still cooking, the extra salt is instantly absorbed.

8. Easy Cake Cutting: Hot Knife Hack

Life Hacks: - Tired of messy cake cutting? Next time, run your knife under hot water, dry it off, and then cut your cake for a neater slice.

9. How to ripen your bananas with an oven

Life Hacks: - You can instantly ripen bananas by putting them in the oven at 300F for 30 minutes.

10. Benefits of chocolate milk

Life Hacks: - Chocolate milk is more efficient in providing energy than most energetic drinks.

11. Homemade Wendy's Frosty

Life Hacks: - You could prepare Homemade Wendy's Frosty with:
1 cup unsweetened almond milk1 frozen banana1 Tbsp cocoa powder1 tsp vanilla1/2 tsp chia seed and 8-10 ice cubes!

12. Create Cookie Bowls Using Muffin or Cupcake Pans

Life Hacks: - You could make cookie bowls by simply turning your muffin or cupcake pan upside down.

13. Make Soft and Fluffy Cookies in a Muffin Tray

Life Hacks: - Cookies taste softer, fluffier and better when they're baked in a muffin tray.

14. Tips for Cutting Onions Without Tears

Life Hacks: - To prevent tearing up while cutting onions, rub canola or olive oil on your knives.

15. Keep salad fresh longer by tissue

Life Hacks: - You could make a salad fresh longer if you put a tissue over the top and cover it with a plastic wrap.

16. The Perfect Hot Chocolate: Warming Up Milk with Nutella

Life Hacks: - Warming up milk with Nutella is the best hot chocolate combination for any season!

17. 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Splattering Oil

Life Hacks: - You could prevent oil from splattering by sprinkling a little salt in your pan before cooking.

18. Grate Your Hard Butter for Delicious Spreads!

Life Hacks: - If your butter is too hard to be spread onto the bread, grate it instead!

19. 7 Life Hack Ideas: Balancing Your Tacos with a Fork

Life Hacks: - Use a fork to balance your tacos while you fill them.

20. Store natural peanut butter

Life Hacks: - Always store your natural peanut butter upside down as it distributes the oils evenly.

21. How To Toast: A Guide to the Numbers on a Toaster

Life Hacks: - The numbers on a toaster are the number of minutes you want to toast for, not the degree of toastiness!

22. Taco Life Hack: Lettuce Leaf Base

Life Hacks: - Next time you make Tacos, give a lettuce leaf base to it. This contains fillings even if the shell breaks.

23. Boiled Eggs with No Shells

Life Hacks: - Put a lemon wedge in the water while boiling eggs. The shells will fall off when the eggs are ready.

24. Cook Perfect Rice in Seconds with Lemon Juice

Life Hacks: - Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the boiling water before you put the rice in the pot to get fluffier whiter rice.

25. Make Delicious Nutella Popsicles at Home!

Life Hacks: - Bored and hungry? Take 2 cups of Cool Whip, 6 tablespoons of Nutella, and 1 cup of milk. Mix, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze for a few hours to get your own Nutella Popsicles!

26. Transform Cake Mix into Delicious Cookies

Life Hacks: - You could turn any cake mix into a cookie dough by adding 2 cups and 1/2 cup of oil.

27. Perfect Rice Serving: 1 Shot Glass of Rice and 3 of Water

Life Hacks: - A perfect rice serving for a person is measured by 1 shot glass of rice along with 3 shot glasses of water.

28. Make Crystal Clear Ice: Boil Water Before Freezing!

Life Hacks: - Planning to make ice cubes? Boiling water before freezing it will give you crystal-clear ice.

29. The stickers on apples mean

Life Hacks: - What do the stickers on apples mean:
4 numbers: Conventionally grown.5 numbers starting with 8: Genetically grown.5 numbers starting with 9: Organically grown.

30. Keep apples fresh and stronger flavor

Life Hacks: - Soak cut apples in honey water to keep them from browning for days and at the same time give them a stronger flavor.

31. How To Dry Wet Shoes Easily with Newspaper

Life Hacks: - Wet shoes? Stuff crinkled newspaper inside and replace every couple hours till dry.

32. How chocolate boosts your mood and happiness

Life Hacks: - Eating a piece of chocolate for breakfast can help stabilize your mood and enhance your happiness throughout the day.

33. Ditch Sugary Drinks for Water - Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Trying to cut out sugary temptations from your diet? Next time you crave for a soda, chug a glass of water instead.

34. Glow Up Your Drinks with Tonic Water!

Life Hacks: - Add tonic water to your drink in a black-light setting to give it a cool glowing effect.

35. DIY Brown Sugar in Minutes

Life Hacks: - Make your own brown sugar by blending 1 cup of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of molasses.

36. Reheat a Sandwich Perfectly: 3 Steps

Life Hacks: - The best possible way to reheat a sandwich:
Open sandwich and microwave for 30 seconds. Close sandwich and place sandwich on its side to microwave it for 12 seconds. Flip sandwich to the opposite side and microwave for 10 seconds.

37. Bake Tacos for Perfect Shells: Life Hack

Life Hacks: - Bake your tacos in the oven before serving so the shells won't crack when you bite into them!

38. Taste the Delicious Cake Batter Frappuccino!

Life Hacks: - To have the secret Starbucks Cake Batter Frappuccino, ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base with one pump of almond syrup. It really tastes like cake batter!

39. Make a pancake

Life Hacks: - Add 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, a dash of cinnamon, and vanilla to make a 250-calorie pancake and give your morning a healthy start.

40. Healthy and Delicious - Banana Cinnamon Honey Treat

Life Hacks: - Next time you get an irresistible dessert craving, chop up a banana, sprinkle some cinnamon, drizzle some honey on top and savor the dish. It's delicious and healthy!

41. How to make delicious banana ice cream

Life Hacks: - Make your own natural banana ice cream by adding sliced bananas frozen for an hour and peanut butter and mixing it all up in a blender.

42. Crispy Grilled Cheese: The Ultimate Gooey Treat

Life Hacks: - Baking grilled cheese between two baking sheets makes the bread more crispy and turns the inside gooier.

43. Keep Cakes Fresh with Toothpicks

Life Hacks: - Stop your cakes from going stale by attaching bread slices to open ends with a few toothpicks.

44. Create Cookie Bowls with Muffin Tin & Ice Cream

Life Hacks: - Make great cookie bowls by wrapping cookie dough on the bottom of a muffin tin bake and putting ice cream in them.

45. Make Your Own Slushy

Life Hacks: - You can make your own slushy with any carbonated drink if you shake up a soda while it's still sealed and put it in the freezer for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Loosen the cap to let some pressure escape and turn it upside down.

46. Make Bitter Coffee Sweet: Add a Pinch of Salt

Life Hacks: - If your coffee is too bitter, throw a pinch of salt in it.

47. Healthy Snack Alternative: Yogurt Drops

Life Hacks: - Searching for a healthy snack alternative? Make yogurt drops by spooning some yogurt into a plastic bag. Squeeze some small dots onto a cookie sheet and place them in the freezer for an hour.

48. Take Your Tacos On the Go: The Walking Taco

Life Hacks: - The Walking Taco: Add your favorite taco ingredients into a bag of plain Fritos so it tastes just like tacos and you can take it on the go.

49. Delicious Microwave Cake in a Mug: Just 1 Minute!

Life Hacks: - Microwave cake in a mug: Simply add Angel food cake mix with water and microwave for one minute. It's delicious and only 150 calories!

50. Bake Perfect Bread with 8 Ice Cubes

Life Hacks: - Baking bread in an oven? Put another pan with 8 ice cubes in it on the rack below to produce the steam required to make a perfect loaf.

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