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50 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Are you tired of the same old routine every day? Do you feel like there must be an easier way to do things?

In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 brilliant life hacks that you can use everyday to change your life forever. These hacks are simple, easy to implement, and will not cost you a fortune.

So, let's get started!

1. How to guide birds out of your house

Life Hacks - When birds are stuck in your house, turn all the lights off and open window. A visible light outside the window will guide the bird out.

2. Prevent Burns: Buckle Your Seat Belt

Life Hacks - You could prevent getting your fingers burnt if you buckle your seat belt when you leave your car so it isn't exposed to the sun.

3. Cut a hole in the top corner of the juice carton

Life Hacks - When you pour milk, cut a hole in the top corner of the juice carton so that it won't explode all over your table.

4. Which seat is the best in theaters

Life Hacks - If you want to experience the best sound in a theater, sit 2/3 of the way back and on a chair that lines you up with the center of the screen.

5. Be Safe Around Vending Machines: Sharks Aren't the Biggest Threat!

Life Hacks - The next time your change is stuck in a vending machine, don't even think about messing with it or rocking it. Vending machines kill more people per year than sharks do!

6. Find Your Lost Wristwatch: Tips and Tricks.

Life Hacks - Set an alarm on your wrist watch so that if you ever lose it it will beep to help you find it.

7. 3 Perfect Gifts: Serious, Fun, & DIY!

Life Hacks - When confused about getting a gift for someone get a combination of 3 small gifts; one serious, one for one and the last self-made.

8. Eliminate Smelly Food Containers with Newspaper

Life Hacks - Do you get disgusted by smelly food containers? Use scrunched up newspapers and leave them inside the containers to absorb the smell.

9. Unpack After a Trip: A Life Hack

Life Hacks - The most effective way to get yourself to unpack after a trip is to dump the entire suitcase on your bed. This way you can only go to sleep after your task is done.

10. Find Lost LEGO Instructions on

Life Hacks - Confused over a lost LEGO instruction? On you can find and download almost all instructions to all known Lego sets!

11. Convert Kgs to Lbs Easily in 10 Words or Less

Life Hacks - You could mentally convert Kgs to Lbs by this method. Take the Kgs value and multiply it by 2, then take that and divide by 10. Add the two numbers up. (Eg. IOO KGS= (200 + 20)LBS)

12. Beat the Heat: Prevent Burning Steering Wheels

Life Hacks - Prevent burning yourself when you start driving by turning your steering wheel 180 degrees before parking in the sun.

13. How to cope with the elevator having all buttons pressed

Life Hacks - In case someone presses all the buttons on an elevator, just press the buttons again to avoid getting stopped every floor. This works on Otis elevators.

14. Save Water with Simple Life Hack!

Life Hacks - Conserve water! Pee while you are in the shower instead of using the toilet seat and you can save about 3000 liters of water a year

15. Maximize Battery Life on iPhone - Turn OFF Background App Refresh

Life Hacks - If you're using an iPhone and your battery is draining a lot, go to Settings->General->Background App Refresh and switch it OFF.

16. DIY Furniture: How to Use a Muffin Tin for Easier Assembly

Life Hacks - When putting together "build it yourself" furniture such as a bookcase or entertainment center, use a muffin tin to separate all of the screws nails for easier access.

17. Wash Windows for Streak-Free Results

Life Hacks - When washing windows squeeze vertically outside and horizontally inside so if you see streaks you'll know which side they're on.

18. Amplify Your Car Signal with Your Skull!

Life Hacks - Your skull is a great signals amplifier! Keep your car remote close to your head when trying to find your car

19. Measuring Without a Ruler: Life Hack

Life Hacks - Measure anything and everything and at any time without a ruler: Measure and memorize the length of your hand from the end of your palm to the top of your middle finger. Use that to judge the size of anything without a ruler

20. Best solution for ordering but not knowing price range

Life Hacks - If you are stuck in a situation where you don't know what price range to order, ask the opposite person to give you his/her recommendations.

21. Life Hack: Try a Warm White LED Bulb

Life Hacks - Sick of bugs in your room at night? Use a warm white LED bulb (2700K). They emit less blue and UV light and therefore attract fewer insects.

22. Keep Kids Safe: Put a Phone Number on Bracelets

Life Hacks - Scared about losing your child in public? Put your phone number on your child's bracelet in case they get lost.

23. 6 Easy Life Hacks With A Pencil

Life Hacks - If you ever need a dice and don't have one, give each side of a pencil a number from 1 to 6 and roll it.

24. Make Kitchen Appliances Spotless with Baking Soda!

Life Hacks - Want your kitchen appliances to look brand new? Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl with enough peroxide to turn it into a paste and rub it on any kitchen appliance to make it spotless!

25. Secure Your Coat Check with a Photo: Life Hack

Life Hacks - Always take a photo of your coat check tag before entering a club or a concert venue.

26. Tips for Packing Presents for Kids

Life Hacks - Always ensure the packaging is removed and the batteries (if necessary) are installed while packing presents for children.

27. Draw Perfect Circles with Your Knuckle!

Life Hacks - Want to perfect drawing a freehand circle? Press your pinky knuckle into the paper and spin it!

28. Travel Hacks: Keep Necklaces Untangled with Straws

Life Hacks - Always keep your necklaces untangled while traveling by feeding each through a straw.

29. Life Hacks: Stack Clothing Vertically

Life Hacks - Want to spot the right clothes just everytime? Stack them vertically.

30. Prevent Bed Bugs: Clean Your Suitcase

Life Hacks - What travels back home along with you after staying in a hotel? Bed bugs often make the journey from the hotel room to your home via your suitcase. So, always have them cleaned!

31. Unlock Your Door: Push or Pull?

Life Hacks - When approaching a door look for the hinges. If you see them pull. If not push. This will help you avoid some embarrassing moments!

32. Reduce Waiting Time with Music

Life Hacks - While waiting, you can change your brain's perception of time by listening to music - it reduce the amount of time you think you waited for.

33. Simple Life Hack: Earbud Tying

Life Hacks - Tie a knot around your left earbud so you can easily tell them apart!

34. Unroll an Orange for Easy Peeling

Life Hacks - Is peeling oranges cumbersome? Unroll the orange by cutting it at the top and the bottom, and then make a vertical slit on one side.

35. How to Untangle Tight Knots with Cornstarch

Life Hacks - If you ever get into a tangled mess, use cornstarch over it as the knots pull themselves apart.

36. How toolbox crucial to house-moving

Life Hacks - While moving house, please make sure the toolbox is the last thing you pack and the first thing getting on the truck.

37. Prevent Car Overheating: Don't Drive!

Life Hacks - If your car is overheating, don't keep driving it. Even 2 minutes of overheating is enough to completely ruin the engine.

38. DIY Earphone Carrier - A Quick Guide

Life Hacks - DIY earphone carrier: Cut out a piece of cardboard and make two holes on either side. Insert the wiring as shown. Voila!

39. Life Hack: Use a Bread Tab for Tape

Life Hacks - Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape.

40. Want a great haircut each time

Life Hacks - Want a great haircut each time? Take a picture of your hair when it's perfect and show it to the barber every time you want a haircut.

41. Clean Your Keyboard with Post-it Note Hacks

Life Hacks - Before discarding it, run a used post-it note between the keys on your keyboard to collect the crumbs settled there.

42. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Life Hacks - The easiest way to get rid of fruit flies is to put some fruit or honey in a cup and cover it with a plastic wrap with holes on top,

43. Easy Tips to Prevent Side Stitches While Running

Life Hacks - While running, exhale when the left foot hits the ground to prevent side stitches.

44. Boost Your Eyesight with Kiwi Fruit!

Life Hacks - Kiwi fruit contains lutein an antioxidant than can actually help improve your eyesight!

45. Unclogging a Sink: Use a Plunger Instead of Drano

Life Hacks - If Drano fails to unclog your sink, try using a good plunger on it first before calling the plumber.

46. Unlock Your Car With Hand Sanitizer

Life Hacks - The best way to melt the layer of ice on your car lock is to pour hand sanitizer on the area.

47. How to being master of random trivia

Life Hacks - If you want to be a master of random trivia, set your homepage to Wikipedia's Random Article and learn something new every time you open a browser window.

48. Brew Coffee Without A Maker: How To

Life Hacks - Want to make a perfect cup of coffee without a coffee maker? Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a filter. Tie it up into a ball with some flavorless dental floss and use it like a teabag!

49. Pack a Garbage Bag for Traveling: Life Hack Tips

Life Hacks - When traveling, pack a garbage bag to put your dirty laundry in so that you'll never mix up the clean clothes with the dirty ones in your suitcase.

50. Simple Life Hack: Sneezing Into the Light

Life Hacks - The next time your sneeze abandons you midway, look into a bright source of light directly to shoot it right out.

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