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50 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Are you tired of the same old routine every day? Do you feel like there must be an easier way to do things?

In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 brilliant life hacks that you can use everyday to change your life forever. These hacks are simple, easy to implement, and will not cost you a fortune.

So, let's get started!

1. Use an elevator without stopping

Life Hacks 1 in Everyday - How to use an elevator without stopping:
Hold the close door button until door closes and keep holding. Select the floor and hold both buttons until elevator starts moving. You will go straight to that floor. No stops. This is built in every elevator so rescue workers get up quicker.

2. Guide to remove permanent markers from any surface

Life Hacks 2 in Everyday - Here's a guide to remove permanent markers from any surface.
Clothes: Hand Sanitizer Walls: Toothpaste or Hairspray Wood: Rubbing Alcohol Carpet: White Vinegar Furniture: Milk Dry Erase Board: Dry Erase Marker.

3. Say Goodbye to Flies: Pine-Sol

Life Hacks 3 in Everyday - Did you know flies hate pine-sol? Before hanging outside this summer, mix some in a spray bottle and use it to wipe down your patio, chair, table, etc...

4. How to Use a Magnet and Hammer for Easier DIY Projects

Life Hacks 4 in Everyday - Put a magnet at the bottom of your hammer so you can stick nails to it. This comes in handy when you're on a ladder or in an awkward space.

5. 5 Ways to Pick Up Glass Shards

Life Hacks 5 in Everyday - Ways to pick up even the smallest shards of broken glass piece: Put bread on the area you dropped glass. The consistency of the bread will pick them up

6. Make Kitchen Appliances Spotless with Baking Soda!

Life Hacks 6 in Everyday - Want your kitchen appliances to look brand new? Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl with enough peroxide to turn it into a paste and rub it on any kitchen appliance to make it spotless!

7. How to whiten clothes by lemon

Life Hacks 7 in Everyday - Soak your clothes into hot water with a slice of lemon for one hour to whiten them.

8. The Best Stain Remover – Dawn & Hydrogen Peroxide

Life Hacks 8 in Everyday - The most effective stain removal solution is obtained by mixing one part of dawn dishwashing liquid with two parts of hydrogen peroxide.

9. Kill Ants Naturally with Clothes Conditioner

Life Hacks 9 in Everyday - Kill ants without leaving your house smelling like poison using any clothes conditioner.

10. How to define battery alive or dead

Life Hacks 10 in Everyday - Drop it from the height of 6 inches off the ground. If they give one small bounce and fall over, they're good. If they bounce around anymore, they're dead or on their way out.

11. Rejuvenate Your Pillow: Sunlight is the Key!

Life Hacks 11 in Everyday - Fluff back up a flattened pillow : Put it out in the sun for an hour - it'll absorb the moisture.

12. Fix Stripped Screws Easily with a Rubber Band!

Life Hacks 12 in Everyday - Screwdriver not catching on to a stripped screw? Place a rubber band over the head and try again. The rubber will fill in the gaps making it easy to screw in or out.

13. Maximize Battery Life on iPhone - Turn OFF Background App Refresh

Life Hacks 13 in Everyday - If you're using an iPhone and your battery is draining a lot, go to Settings->General->Background App Refresh and switch it OFF.

14. How to Use AAA Batteries as AA

Life Hacks 14 in Everyday - If you're ever out of AA batteries, you can use a AAA battery by filling the gap on the positive side with a small wad of tin foil.

15. Soothe Burn Pain with Toothpaste

Life Hacks 15 in Everyday - Whenever you get burned, apply toothpaste to soothe the pain.

16. Open a tuna can without a can opener

Life Hacks 16 in Everyday - If you ever need to open a tuna can without a can opener, just rub the top the can on concrete for a couple of minutes and then squeeze the sides in to pop it open.

17. Make candles burning longer

Life Hacks 17 in Everyday - A long day without lights? You can have your candles burning longer and dripping lesser by placing them in the freezer for a few hours before using

18. Give someone a sense of power

Life Hacks 18 in Everyday - Whenever talking with someone, and you feel they’re not paying attention to you, stop and ask for their permission to continue the conversation.
You’ll get their full attention because now listening to you, is their own choice (they feel important & powerful).

19. Instant DIY Nail Paint Tips

Life Hacks 19 in Everyday - Dry up your nail paint instantly: Put your fingers in ice water immediately after painting them

20. Prevent Tool Rust: Use Silica Packets

Life Hacks 20 in Everyday - You could use the silica packets that come in shoe boxes in your toolbox to prevent your tools from rusting.

21. Instant Cure for Hiccups: Stick Fingers in Ears

Life Hacks 21 in Everyday - Hiccups ruining your day? Stick your fingers in your ears for a few seconds and enjoy an instant cure.

22. Shower with Eucalyptus - Unlock Natural Fragrance and Benefits!

Life Hacks 22 in Everyday - Hanging eucalyptus around your shower head makes the steam release amazing fragrances and beneficial oils every time you shower.

23. Make your Home Smell Like Christmas

Life Hacks 23 in Everyday - You could make your house smell like Christmas if you add a few cinnamon sticks with 4 orange halves with 1 cup of cranberries and 2 rosemary sprigs into a large pot and then let it simmer in water all day long.

24. How to being master of random trivia

Life Hacks 24 in Everyday - If you want to be a master of random trivia, set your homepage to Wikipedia's Random Article and learn something new every time you open a browser window.

25. Keep Ants Away - White Distilled Vinegar Trick

Life Hacks 25 in Everyday - Ant trouble? Keep ants from entering your house by pouring white distilled vinegar around the outside perimeter.

26. How to guide birds out of your house

Life Hacks 26 in Everyday - When birds are stuck in your house, turn all the lights off and open window. A visible light outside the window will guide the bird out.

27. Heal Cuts Faster: Lick Them!

Life Hacks 27 in Everyday - Studies show it is beneficial to lick small cuts as compounds in human saliva actually help to speed up the healing process.

28. Stop Coughing with Pineapple Juice

Life Hacks 28 in Everyday - Coughing bout driving you nuts? Taking pineapple juice instead of cough syrup is 500% more effective in providing relief.

29. Sharpen Knives with Aluminum Foil

Life Hacks 29 in Everyday - Sharpen those knives! Using it to cut through aluminium foil will help in doing so

30. Heavenly Scent: Vanilla Extract Hack

Life Hacks 30 in Everyday - Put two caps of pure Vanilla extract in a coffee cup and then place it in the oven for an hour. Within 20 minutes your house will smell like heaven!

31. How to inflate balloons not by helium

Life Hacks 31 in Everyday - If running out of helium to fill up balloons, put vinegar and baking soda in a bottle and attach the balloon to its mouth. The balloon started to inflate. The more vinegar and baking soda used, the bigger your balloon gets.

32. Bring Your Old Sharpie Back To Life!

Life Hacks 32 in Everyday - Next time your Sharpie dries out, restore it by filling a shallow dish with rubbing alcohol and let the tip of your marker bathe in it for a couple of minutes. After an hour, put the cap back and it will be good as new.

33. 99 Ways to Fall Asleep Easily

Life Hacks 33 in Everyday - Can't fall asleep? Count backward from 99. You'll fall asleep before even getting to 50.

34. Keep Mascara Fresh Longer

Life Hacks 34 in Everyday - Mascara drying out? Squeeze a couple of eye drops into the bottle to prolong the drying process.

35. Time Management: Create Your Playlist Now!

Life Hacks 35 in Everyday - Is time management driving you crazy? Create a playlist of songs which plays for the same time it takes you to get ready. This lets you pick up your pace when the final song plays.

36. Unshrink your clothes

Life Hacks 36 in Everyday - Unshrink your clothes: soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes!

37. How to kill ants instantly

Life Hacks 37 in Everyday - Febreze is an odourless product that is effectively used to kill ants instantly.

38. Restore Pillow Fluffiness with Tennis Balls

Life Hacks 38 in Everyday - If your pillows ever lose their fluffiness, put them in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to restore it.

39. How to melt ice on car

Life Hacks 39 in Everyday - If you want to melt the ice on your car, spray it with vinegar water.

40. Remove Barcode Stickers Easily with Vinegar

Life Hacks 40 in Everyday - Having trouble getting those annoying barcode stickers off something? Rubbing a cloth soaked in vinegar will instantly remove it including the glue it leaves behind.

41. Get Rid of Flies: Use Windows Light

Life Hacks 41 in Everyday - Trying to get rid of flies from your house? Use the bright light from the windows to guide them out

42. Removing Grease Stains with Chalk

Life Hacks 42 in Everyday - Rubbing grease stains with chalk before tossing them in the wash often helps.

43. Dress to Secure the Love of Your Life

Life Hacks 43 in Everyday - Always go out in public dressed like you're about to meet the love of your life

44. Save Time with This Life Hack: Dry Towel in the Dryer

Life Hacks 44 in Everyday - Throwing in a dry towel into the dryer with your wet clothes gets the load done in half the time.

45. 3 Perfect Gifts: Serious, Fun, & DIY!

Life Hacks 45 in Everyday - When confused about getting a gift for someone get a combination of 3 small gifts; one serious, one for one and the last self-made.

46. Quickly Remove Wrinkles from Shirts with Ice Cubes

Life Hacks 46 in Everyday - The quickest way to get rid of a wrinkly shirt is to put it in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes.

47. Say their name back

Life Hacks 47 in Everyday - When someone introduces themselves to you say their name back to them. You're much more likely to remember it the next time you meet.

48. What to do when texting wrong person?

Life Hacks 48 in Everyday - When you accidentally text the wrong person, immediately set your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

49. DIY Paint: Easy Recipe!

Life Hacks 49 in Everyday - Make your own paint: mix 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, and food coloring.

50. Remove Rust with Vinegar and Foil

Life Hacks 50 in Everyday - Get rid of rust by rubbing it with aluminum foil soaked in vinegar.

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