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10-Minute Email Solutions for Sign-Ups

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Life Hacks: Don't wish to use your own email address when signing up for things? gives a fake email address.

10-Minute Email Solutions for Sign-Ups

Do you ever find yourself hesitant to enter your real email address when signing up for something on the internet?

You're not alone. Many people are wary of entering their personal information online and don't like putting their actual email address out there. But what options do you have?

Introducing, a great solution for those of us who need a short-term email address to sign up for things. This website will give you a fake email address that expires after 10 minutes.

This is perfect for those situations where you just need to sign up for something quickly and don’t want to use your own email address. You can use the temporary email address from in place of your own.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to and click the “Generate Email Address” button.

  2. You will be presented with an automatically generated email address. This address will expire after 10 minutes. Copy this address into the field you needed to enter your email address in.

  3. Check the inbox associated with that address. It should be populated with any emails sent to the address while it was active.

  4. When the 10 minutes are over, the address will be deleted permanently and you can generate a new one.

By using, you can stay safe and secure while still being able to sign up for things online quickly and easily. No more worry about giving away your own email address!

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* Available on IOS and Android devices