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The iPhone Trick for Quicker Texting: A Life Hack

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Life Hacks: If you're texting on an iPhone, hit the spacebar twice for a period instead of scrolling to the next page every time it also adds a space and capitalizes the next letter automatically.

The iPhone Trick for Quicker Texting: A Life Hack

Are you an iPhone user who loves to text? If so, here's a life hack that can save you a lot of time when composing messages: simply hit the spacebar twice to add a period instead of scrolling all the way through to the next page. Not only does this add a space after the period and automatically capitalize the first letter of the next sentence, but it also allows you to get to your message faster.

This trick works in both iMessage and regular SMS messaging. To use it, start typing your message as usual. When you come to the end of a sentence, simply press the spacebar twice instead of scrolling down the page. This will add a period, space, and automatically capitalise the first letter of the next sentence.

This might not seem like much, but if you're someone who is constantly texting, this could save you a few seconds every time you type a message. Not only that, but it can also help to improve your typing speed over time.

Another bonus of this trick is that it helps to keep your messages looking neat and orderly. Since the spaces between sentences and words are automatically formatted correctly, your texts don't look scattered and disorganized.

All in all, using the iPhone trick for quicker texting is a great life hack for anyone who is an avid texter. It can save you time, help improve your typing speed, and let you compose messages that look neat and organized. Give it a try!

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* Available on IOS and Android devices