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Make Text All Uppercase or Lowercase with Shift+F3

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Life Hacks: Highlight a selection in Word and hit shift+F3 to make it all caps or all lowercase.

Make Text All Uppercase or Lowercase with Shift+F3

Do you want to make specific text all lowercase or uppercase in Microsoft Word? Most people don't know that it's actually quite easy! Simply highlight the text you'd like to format and hit shift + F3. This is an often overlooked shortcut, but using it can save you a ton of time when formatting long documents.

Whether you're typing a formal letter, making a presentation, or just jotting down some notes, being able to quickly convert your text to all caps or all lowercase can be incredibly helpful. The shift-F3 combination will switch highlighted text between uppercase, lowercase, and title case. You can even use this shortcut in Microsoft Excel!

With this knowledge, you can make sure that each part of your document is formatted correctly without having to manually change every single word or phrase. You can also use this trick to draw attention to certain words or phrases by making them uppercase.

For example, if you wanted to emphasize a key term in your presentation, you could select it and make it uppercase. This way, you can ensure that the audience pays attention to this point. Not to mention, it looks more aesthetically pleasing than having a random mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

The shift+F3 shortcut is also a great way to make sure that everything in your document is consistent. Whether you need all caps, all lowercase, or title case, this simple shortcut will do the trick. So next time you're typing up a document, consider giving the shift+F3 combination a try!

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* Available on IOS and Android devices