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Revolutionize Toilet Paper with Shitter App: Life Hack

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Life Hacks: There's an app called Shitter that creates toilet paper rolls printed with a twitter feed.

Revolutionize Toilet Paper with Shitter App: Life Hack

Are you tired of mundane, boring toilet paper rolls? Do you wish your bathroom experience could be a little bit more exciting and entertaining? Look no further than Shitter – the latest life hack that turns your bathroom time into prime entertainment.

Shitter is an app for Android and iOS that takes tweets from your Twitter account and prints them on toilet paper. You can set up a custom feed of tweets or opt for their “Toilet Tweets” feed which is full of funny jokes, proverbs, inspirational quotes, and other amusements.

Now when you pull out the roll to use it you can enjoy some amusing thoughts while you do your business! It’s a great way to pass the time if you’re stuck in the bathroom for an extended period. Plus, it’s a novel way to get your daily dose of tweets without having to look at your phone while using the restroom.

Shitter has revolutionized the bathroom experience, providing a unique and fun way to spice up your regular routine. And unlike other life hacks, this one doesn’t require any extra effort. All you have to do is download the app, log in to your Twitter account, and let Shitter do the rest.

If you’re bored with your regular bathroom routine, or just looking for a new way to entertain yourself, Shitter is the perfect solution. Download the app and start spicing up your bathroom routine today!

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* Available on IOS and Android devices