Prank Friends with Frozen Mentos Time Bombs.

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Life Hacks: Prank your friends by freezing Mentos in ice cubes. Serve them time bomb sodas!

Are you looking for an article about pranking your friends with frozen Mentos time bombs? If so, here it is!

Prank Friends with Frozen Mentos Time Bombs

Do your friends love soda and surprises? Then you should try this fun prank involving frozen Mentos and soda. It's sure to get a laugh out of everyone involved!

The trick is simple: freeze Mentos in ice cube trays overnight. When the Mentos cubes are ready, give each friend a cup of their favorite soda. Then drop one of the frozen Mentos cubes into the soda and watch the magic happen. The Mentos will cause a reaction in the soda, creating large bubbles and fizzing suds.

You can also use different flavors and colors of Mentos to customize the prank. For example, you could use a mix of lemon and lime Mentos for a citrus-flavored prank. Or you could combine red, yellow, and orange Mentos for an autumn-inspired joke.

Just remember to be careful when handling the Mentos and soda. The soda could overflow if the Mentos cube is too big or if you drop it in too quickly. So take your time and have fun with this classic prank!

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