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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I only get the hacks I want?

Yes. Of course, there are to way for get the hacks you want.

1. You can choose the categories you interest and check all the hacks in the category.

2. Please like and save the hacks you find useful and relevant to you, the AI system will rely on that to bring you similar content.

How many hacks do you have?

As you know BringHacks has been operating for 7 years, so we have collected and curated a lot of content, and also received a lot of contributions from the community, there are over 10k hacks.

Can I submit my hacks?

Yes, very appreciated!
Just move to submit screen on BringHacks App, type your content and submit. It will be review by our team and published soon.

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What Our Users Are Saying

We have been operating for 7 years, and received a lot of good reviews from users.


Great job in its design

This is a great app with many useful tips on a variety of subjects. Great for taking those 2 minute concentration breaks at work and doesn't contain ads that disrupt your viewing experience. Great job in its design!


Android User


A great app!!

I installed it about 15 mins ago and started to read the tips, and I like it. Some of them are useful and some of them may not, I do not know because I haven't tested them, but there are many that are new to me and I found it very interesting if not entertaining. There are some obvious ads but they aren't distractive neither disturbing your reading experience. A great app!


Android User


Nice work! Keep it up

Great app with great life hacks. I save so many of them I can't even remember and use a ton of them that I learned through this app.


Android User